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Honduras by Sara and Afra

No description

Year3 Academy

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Honduras by Sara and Afra

Honduras by Sara, Afra and Tharsika
Honduras is the north-central part of central America,has a Caribbean
as well as a pacific coastline .Guatemala is to the west.El salvador to the south,and Nicaragua to the East.
One part of Spain's vast empire in the new world. Honduras became independent nation 1821. After two and a half decades of mostly military rule. A freely elected civilian government came to power in 1982.
The President is Juan Orlando Hernandez. He was born on October 28th 1968 Gracias,Hondurus.He was the President since 2014 which is now.His children are Isabella,Ana Danilla and I vonne Maria. Juan's father is Juan Hernadez Villanueva and his mother is Eluira Alvardo Castillo.
Honduras capital city
Honduras capital city is Tegucigalpa. Tegucigalpa commonly reffered to as Tegus, the twin sister is Comayaguela.
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