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Green Education - back to the nature

No description

Sandro Accogli

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of Green Education - back to the nature

Green Education - let's go back to the nature
Youth and the Territory
The action has been aimed at equipping young people with skills, know how and knowledge on the possibility to produce effective projects for a sustainable development of the territory. The objectives of the activity have been implemented through the application of OUTDOOR EDUCATION. It has been implemented through a cycle of activities (warm up – team building – trust cycle – intercultural dialogue; problem solving) mainly realized outdoor
The contest is developed through the organization of live painting happening of young local artists, who paints only on the theme of sustainability and on natural issues.
The activity is developed in the Castle of Andrano, within 3 days of activities, together with other local events (seminar on agriculture and food, theatre) and with the patronage of the Municipality of Andrano.

he activities implemented during the workshop were aimed at creating and stimulating a deeper knowledge on the type of works that deal with environment, the so-called “Green Works”. The workhops have foreseen infodays on the different types of opportunities
SEYF implemented several workshops of eco-design in order to stimulate young people involved in the project Green Education to:
* have a better understanding of recycling and re-using be more aware of the meaning and value of the sustainable development;
* learn new artistic skills through the re-using of old material;
* express themselves through innovative and non-formal methods

Out of the project:
Outdoor events
Events of discovery, exploration and survey of the natural environment of the territory, in cooperation with Local Natural Parks. We involved young people from our network aged 18 -35 for giving them the opportunity to discover a new green side of our territory.
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