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The Walk

Case Study #4

Matthew Carlson

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of The Walk

Permission to Walk The Case Mis-Communication

What Should Happen Next?


Dennis , Mark, and the Quad

Team Dennis vs. Team Mark By Caroline Berman, Matt Carlson, Kaitlin Fox,
Vikrum Mathur, Ankit Mehta, Chantal Romain Recap: How To Avoid Miscommunication in the Workplace

Be clear

Be polite

Get his or her attention



Don't assume

Give reminders
Thank You! From: Sandy Chase - Assistant Facilities Manager
To: Dennis James
This request has not been approved by my superior, Mark Johnson. This event would be better accommodated by the facilities at the Employee Health Center-please contact Bob Schmidt at the Employee Health Center to make arragements for this area From: Dennis
To: Sandy
Sandy Chase,
I already did contact Mark Johnson about this. He approved the idea, but said that we needed to submit a form. So we did submit it. Because the Sales Division is located on the Quad, moving the walk to the Employee Health Center would not be appropriate. From: Mark Johnson
To: Dennis James
I do remember us discussing this event and advising you to submit the online request. Iregret that you percieved out discussion as an approval of use of the Quad for this event. I could not have issued approval over the phone, because as I told you, these requests are routed through several offices for approval. As Sandy indicated, we do not believe that the Quad is an appropriate location for this activity. We would suggest that the Employee Health Center is a better location for the activity, albeit perhaps not as convenient for your department. Please let me know if you have any questions. From: Dennis James
To: Mark Johnson
I am surprised by the trouble this seems to be causing. There will be two or three people walking around the Quad at a time during this event. I do not see how this creates any problems. When I spoke to you, you agreed that it did not cause any trouble. this is not a matter of inconvenience. It's a matter of connection. We are located on the Quad. Asking this to be moved to the Employee Health Center would be like asking the engineering division to move their St. Patrick's Day celebrations, which create a great deal of disruption comparatively, to the Employee Health Center. Our walk will be far less disruptive and should be approved. From: Mark Johnson
To: Dennis James
I apologize for not getting back with you earlier in the day. This issue is still being discussed in the Facilities Management Division and I'll be following up early next week. From: Dennis James
To: Mark Johnson
At the UCETC Annual Community Awards Ceremony Friday evening I spoke to CEO John Gerhardt. I thanked him for agreeing to walk in our 24 hours on the Quad this week and for his generous donation. I mentioned that we were trying to increase the personal touch of the division. He thanked me for my leadership and mentioned that he had been saying good things about the division to the Board.
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