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Copy of Advanced Portfolio Resources

No description

Ryan Carty

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Advanced Portfolio Resources

Errors (Make sure all links work)
Missing Content
Controversial Informatio

Resources for any Skill Set
Advanced Portfolio Resources
Displaying Your Visual Work
Contact Information
Information to Include
Your Bio
Additional Content
56% of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than any other personal branding tool—however, only 7% of job seekers actually have a personal website.
Written Displays
Video/Multimedia Displays
Visual Displays of Work
Professional Summary
Cargo Collective
Behance is an online platform to showcase & discover creative work. Companies explore the work and access talent on a global scale.

ProSite syncs with your Behance profile and allows for a personal website to promote to employers in the job search.
Issuu is a digital publishing platform which provides an online visual edition of a publication, including portfolios.
Issuu is a digital publishing platform which provides an online visual edition of a publication, including articles.
Create an online newspaper in minutes.

Paper allows you to automatically find, publish & promote engaging articles, photos and videos from across the web.
YouTube is a free video hosting site that allows the user to upload, share, and watch videos.

Users may create a channel which enables them to personalize their Youtube account. Videos can be shared publicly, privately or can be unlisted.
Vimeo is an online video platform where users can upload, share, and watch videos. Users may create their own channel to display their videos or watch videos.
Free website builder that provides customizable templates that you can use to showcase your resume, class projects and other examples of your work.

Many portfolio template categories to choose from (ex: Photography, Finance, Consulting).
WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) that you can use to create a website using templates.
Strikingly makes building a visually appealing website easy. Its one-click feature, which takes content from your Facebook page and turns it into your personal website, makes developing a personal page quick and easy.
Portfolio Critique Activity
Email Address
Phone Number
Social Media Accounts (if relevant to work)

Interests, hobbies, awards and accomplishments
Display your personality!
What can't be seen on your resume?
An AboutMe page
Similar to an elevator pitch and should include:
Year of Graduation
What do you do? How can you serve your website's visitors?
Professional Interests and Goals
Embed or provide multimedia links of the following:
Professional Photos of You and Your Work
Graphic Designs
Writing Samples, Press Releases, Articles, etc.
Artwork and Illustrations
Inspirational Quotes
Where to Include a Link to Your Online Portfolio:
On top of your resume...

LinkedIn's "Contact Info" section...
On your business card...
1. Split up into small groups of "talent agencies"
2. Using your rubric, carefully review each sample portfolio with your team members and score each of the four portfolios
3. Finally, select ONE portfolio that you think is best!
Advice From the
Employer's Mouth:
"Do not refresh the page between each image

in the gallery to prevent users from having to
scroll down between each click."
articles imbedded within the portfolio
rather than
having every article hyperlinked could attract employers
who do not have a lot of time to spend clicking through."
"Make sure that all of the links within your portfolio work.
None of the links should produce any errors."
Know Your BRAND!
"Make sure that your
bio aligns with your content
. If you discuss being involved in brand marketing for example, employers want to see that work reflected in the content of your portfolio."
"A landing page can look sparse if you do not have any content displayed.
An introduction displayed on the landing page
gives a quick look into interests and personality."
"Employers want to see the area of focus
you are interested in. They are not sure of what your area of focus is when you have such a wide variety of work."
"Make sure the
resume is clear
and legible
in the portfolio."
"Employers want to see
detail about the projects
included in the portfolio. What was your purpose? Objective? Medium? Descriptions help the audience understand the objective of each project."
"Maximize the value of one screen

A Good Example of a Portfolio
Cargo is a free personal publishing platform which allows you to display creative work such as photography, illustrations, designs, video, and/or animation. Highly recommended by portfolio specialists, Cargo allows you to choose from a variety of templates to further customize your site.

• Some HTML and CSS knowledge needed
• Apply for membership
• Built in audio and video players – No more YouTube and Vimeo needed
ONE page resume should highlight all RELEVANT information including:
Work and Internship Experience
Volunteer Activities
Leadership & Campus Involvement
Additional Skills
Ryan Carty, Megan Houseman, and Kelley Saussy
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