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ILT Presentation

kelly Hayes

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of MEL-Con

Main Idea The main idea (M) of the MEL-Con has three key elements Conclusion The last sentence of the paragraph should be a conclusion; a sentence that wraps everything up and gives the paragraph closure. This should once again stress (but reword) your main idea. Writing strategy to support Common Core Meet MEL-Con Evidence Link
You must have a link for each piece of evidence. This explains to the reader how your example supports /connects/ proves the MAIN IDEA. The link is what you think or how you relate the evidence to the topic. It is always at least two sentences. Sentence one should further explain the example or provide more specific details. Sentence two should explain how the evidence supports or proves that main idea. 1. T.A.G. (Title, Author, Genre)
2. Restate the prompt
3. Inference (new idea) This is how you will support your Main Idea. Use examples, facts, proofs, statistics, reasons, or quotes to support the point you have stated – in other words, be specific! • Should support/prove only the main idea
• Should always be prefaced by a transition
** QUOTES would fit in this category (must cite it properly!)
• Should not be choppy
• Define words that are not clear • Could move the reader beyond the main idea
• Should not repeat main idea word for word
• Could answer the question WHY • Should summarize information presented
• Should restate main idea
• Should begin with a transition
• Should not oppose what you have already stated.
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