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Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 6 August 2015

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Transcript of G&ESEWER

What do all these things have in Common?
They All Have An Audience!
If you could speak to your audience what would you say?
Marketing Strategy
Consistency + Frequency + Message = Marketshare
The Eagle and Pembina Valley Online
can help you reach these customers
Increase Marketshare = Increased Profits For You

Increase Top of Mind Awareness for the "Right Now" Customer

Be Known as "Sewer Specialists"

Tell Consumers Why They Should Choose G & E Sewer instead of the Competition

Marketing Plan
EAGLE 2 x 30 second commercials
daily @ $39/com
to air between 6am-6pm,
with 2 on Saturdays @ no charge.
Total Value $1,872

Total Cost to YOU $1,560

EAGLE 4 x 10 second weather liners
daily to air between 6am-midnight,
Saturday & Sunday bonus
Monthly Investment $650

Annual Investment $7,800

Pembina Valley Online Big Box
on the Homepage @ $550/month and Classifieds Big Box @ no charge.

Total Value - $10,200

Total Cost to YOU - $6,600


Total Value - $19,872
Cost To YOU
Whats your Message?
Why Radio & Online?
Your potential customers spend more time with radio and online than any other type of local media

92% of adults listen to radio an average of 20+ hours per week

Canadians are spending an average of 43.5 hours/month online

The Eagle and Pembina Valley Online have a personal and local connection with our audience
It's Effective & Personal
The Pembina Valley is GROWING

Percentage of population growth 2006 to 2011
Data from Statistics Canada Census
How Do We Capture Your Share of
The Market?

This bundle on Pembina Valley Online on average will display your ad 312 times each hour or 52 times every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day.
Whats your Message?
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