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The Organ Trail Project

No description

Sarah Coley

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of The Organ Trail Project

The Organ Trail Project

Size, Weight, Interesting Facts
The Liver Weighs About 1.4 kg When You Are Fully Grown.
The Livers Main Functions
Bile Production And Excretion.
Organ Systems That Contains The Liver
The Digestive System
How The Liver Works With Other Systems To Keep The Body Healthy
In Keeping The Body Healthy The Liver Most Importantly Works With The Cardiovascular System Which Carries Many Toxins To The Liver Which Can Then Metabolise Them. It Also Works With The Urinary System By Making Urea, The Main Component of Urine.
Diseases And Disorders That Affects The Liver
A Metabolic Disorder Called Hemochromatosis. (Also Called Iron Overload Diseasel.)
Sarah Coley
The Liver Size Is 7 cm For Women And 10.5 cm In Men.
Your Liver Consists of 96% Water. (The Water Is Inside The Cell And In Blood.)
Your Liver Is Bigger Than Your Brain.
Your Liver Can Re-Build Itself. Even If Only 25% of It Is Still Healthy Your Liver Can Re-Build Itself Into A Full Liver Again.
Excretion of Bilirubin, Cholesterol, Hormones, And Drugs.
Metabolism of Fats, Proteins, And Carbohydrates.
Storage of Glycogen, Vitamins, And Minerals.
This Disease Is Characterized By The Absorption of Too Much Iron From Food.
Can You Live Without A Liver?
You Cant Live Without Your Liver Unless You Only Have At Least Half A Liver So It Can Grow Back And They Also Say It Will Grow Back If You Have Got Half Out.
If You Dont Have 1 Liver It Takes 2 Years Or Less To Die.
You Need Your Liver To Live Because It Cleans All Your Blood, Blood Clots, Bones, Etc.
The Liver
The Liver
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