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Elkmont, TN

No description

Josh Anderson

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of Elkmont, TN

Elkmont is a town in Seier,TN The remains of the town are: A Grave Yard, Wonder Hotel(Which burt down in a fire), Hotel Annex, many deserted homes and cabins, and an old bridge The rest of Wonder Hotel The sign at Elkmont
Cemetery Elkmont cemetery What Wonder Hotel
looked like. Another Pic. of what it
looked like An old bridge An old deserted cabin Another deserted cabin Elkmont is owned by
Smokey Mountains
National Park. It is also near the
ghost town
of cades cove. The reason it became
a ghost town was
because they built
a railroad there and
when they took it out
everyone moved. Elkmont is now a deserted
town were you can go and visit.
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