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The Wonder Woman Chronicles

No description

Brianna Balogh

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of The Wonder Woman Chronicles

The Chronicles of
Wonder Woman
Origin Story
• She is the Amazonian Princess of Paradise Island
• Hippolyta made her out of clay
• Steve Trevor
• Diana Prince
• DC New 52, “Crisis on Infinite Earths”

• Wonder Woman first prominent superheroine
• William Moulton Marston
• All-Star Comics #8 (1941)
• Sensation Comics (1941)

Golden Age
• Diana Prince Army Intelligence
• Etta Candy
• Marston left
Stereotypical woman

Modern Age
• Rebooted
• Deals with female issues
• Steve Trevor as a father
• Another writer took over

The Superhero Dimension
• What actually makes her a “superhero?”
• “The Superhero Dimension”
• As we have seen, Wonder Woman’s special strengths and abilities come from the ultimate and divine powers of the gods.

“With the beauty of Aphrodite,
the wisdom of Athena,
the strength of Hercules and the speed of Mercury, Wonder Woman brings peace, happiness and justice to a war-torn world!”
 Wonder Woman as an Icon
Media association with this female superhero
But what other things can we associate with her as the All-American icon?

 Other items that differentiate Wonder Woman as a superhero who can stand alone are the following:
o Lasso of Truth
o Bracelets of Victory
o Royal Tiara
o Inconsistent Items:
Magical Sword, Sandals of Hermes (super-speed), Gauntlet of Atlas (super-strength), Earrings (depicting her ability to breathe in outer-space), and Power Rings (only appearing in a few issues)

Then and Now: An Introspective
Look at Wonder Woman's Image
• 1941: Wonder Woman’s First Appearance (All-Star Comics #8)
• 1942: Wonder Woman’s outfit is slightly altered, making her previous “skirt” look more defined as shorts
• 1950: Only a slight change, but her boots turned into sandals
• Mid-1950s: This is about the time when the Comic Code Authority arose. Because of strict stipulations, Wonder Woman’s back could no longer be exposed
• 1968: The “new” Wonder Woman (fighting crime without her powers, Diana Prince) made her debut in a series of several costume changes.
• 1970: Wonder Woman goes back to her usual self, with her shorts now becoming more like “hot pants”
• 1982: Her halter top is now bearing a double “W”
• 1994: Wonder Woman’s outfit, now being designed by Mike Deodato, is a little more racy than before.
• 1994 (a little afterward): Wonder Woman loses her title and fights again as Diana
• Mid-1990s: John Byrne, a new writer/artist takes over, re-vamping Wonder Woman.
• 2006: An old look comes back, revitalized, sporting Wonder Woman as Agent Diana Prince
• Current Series: Wonder Woman’s look has been tweaked by Dodson (notice the pants)
And speaking of costumes....here are some of the current Wonder Woman-themed Halloween costumes that have interested the women and youth of America:

• Steve Trevor as love interest
o Male heroes supporting females are
rarely seen
o Emphasis on male heroes' relationships
o Steve participates in battle
o Male heroes female counterparts
and battle
o “Make love to Dolly in the line of duty”
and get away with it

• Her weakness is bondage
o She only loses her power when she’s
bound by a male
o Male domination of female power

• Men writing about bondage
o Wonder Woman is written by men
o It’s viewed more as males dominating
women forcibly
o Men have an innate need to dominate women and use comics to play out fantasy
o Women are weak to men’s desire
o Sexualizing women in comics
 Scantily clad
 Voluptuous
 Dominated

• Women writing about bondage (Fifty Shades of Grey)
o It’s okay for women to sexualize ourselves
o Sex is used as power
o Women write about mousy women
not extraordinarily hot ones
o When women write about sex it’s always a mutual thing even involving bondage

• Other women’s roles
o Slaves
o Forced to do men’s bidding
o Weak
o Damsels
o Get saved by Wonder Woman

• Men
o The only women enemies
work at the hands of their male overlords
o Humanistic
o Not mutilated
o Don’t look like foreign monsters

• Mars
o Wants to dominate
wonder woman for she is a
child of Aphrodite; his enemy
o Uses her only weakness (Steve)
o Sends greed, conquest, and deception
to try capturing Wonder Woman
using the same methods they use to
corrupt men

Earl of Greed
Lord Conquest
Duke of Deception
Don Unaldi
• Diana

o Meek

o Dresses modestly

o Fawns over Steve

o Strong

o Gives Wonder Woman guidance

o Helps Wonder Woman
• Etta Candy

o Not sexualized

o Helps wonder woman

o Always there

o Opposite of wonder woman

o Doesn’t follow her into live action battles

o Is involved in astro battles
• Steve Trevor

o Allowed to cheat

o Soldier

o In every comic

o Helps wonder woman

o Sometimes ends up in trouble

o Never a full damsel

o Holds his own and needs little
assistance from wonder woman
1) The Origin Story of Wonder Woman
2) Wonder Woman’s Creation
3) Character Evolution
4) The Superhero Dimension
5) Imagery and Iconic Aspects of Wonder Woman
6) Pop Culture’s Influence on Wonder
Woman’s Appearance
7) Influence of Wonder Woman on Women’s Costumes
8) Sexism Controversy in Wonder Woman
9) Villains and Enemies of Wonder Woman
10) Main Characters

Origin Story of Wonder Woman
Creation of
Wonder Woman
Character Evolution
Silver Age
• Wonder Woman
• Change in outfit
• Diana Prince’s
• Multiverse
• She got married

Superhero Dimension
Imagery and Iconic Aspects
Pop Culture's Influence on
Wonder Woman's Image
Sexism Controversy
Main Characters

A lasting impression on today’s society.

Superhero Integrity

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