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No description

Matthew Culpin

on 4 September 2018

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Transcript of Personalisation

Create a dynamic web experience
through personalised content
How a Personalisation System will work
1. use
to make
the user and their context
2. give them
they care about
Pages visited in this session
search terms
device type
registration preferences
IP address location
Geolocation API
submitted postcode
connection to wifi / mobile network
browser settings
pages previously visited
ambient light
frequency of visits
...and more
time of day
day of week
time of year
weather forecast
popular search terms
calendar events
topics in the news
website analytics
social media trends
Susan is a mother of three, has children in
a local primary school in East Didsbury in
Manchester, where they live.

Susan is currently using her laptop on her
kitchen table browsing the Manchester
City Council website, where she has
signed in having previously registered
with the site.
Persona 1
is a local resident
has children
is using her laptop
likes sport
cares about recycling
currently at home
it is...
clear Autumn day
is lunch time
lots of users are viewing 'leisure centres'
on the Manchester website
Hugo, currently sitting in a cafe in
Canterbury City Centre. He is on a
city break with his girlfriend. They have
a high hopes for things to do but then
it rained.

Hugo has got his iPhone and he is on a
Canterbury City Council website looking
for things to do.
Persona 2
is a tourist
is using his iPhone
is in the city centre
it is...
is a weekend (Saturday)
is currently raining where he is
Benefits of what content
personalisation can offer
1. make the website more useful for each person, individually

2. handle diverse user groups over others, or use a “lowest
common denominator”

3. less noise, simpler pages, shorter user journeys - users get
things done faster

4. aid content discovery by recommending content more likely
more relevant to that user

Live Demo!
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