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Journey Of One

No description

Morgan Rathge

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Journey Of One

The Beginning... To Teach or Not To Teach? For me this all began not too long ago...
many people will say they've wanted to be teachers all their lives,
however, this just isn't true with me. I wanted to be a teacher when I was five, but this thought was quickly smashed down by my father who even now is not happy with my choice.
As a child I decided since I couldn't be a teacher I'd be something else, though I never completely settled, but eventually I decided Fashion Designer and I came to NC State in the College of Textiles. However, by my second semester I learned I just didn't fit in there and that it really wasn't what I wanted to do, something was missing from my life.... Books...
Plain and simple, I love books and a major where
reading wasn't part of the daily routine just didn't
suit me. So I sat down and thought... I went to Pullen Park with my friends and swung on the swings, pondering...
What could I do with books? The ANSWER The answer came to me and with some reassurance from my long time friend Evelyn; I made the change. I was going to be a teacher, an English teacher to be precise. I knew this decision wouldn't particuraly please my father... MOST DEFINITELY TEACH The change wasn't much at first,
I got my books back but it wasn't
until this semester that I started in
clases for teaching. This class This class was completely wonderful for me
I loved every minute of it and I learned so
much. Each lesson was interesting and further
solidified my decision to be a teacher. Multiple Intelligences The lessons on multiple
intelligences were really
interesting to me and
I felt that they were some
of the most important for
my teaching carrer.Being
a visual / bodily kinesthetic
learner the way schools
ran never really worked for me. After learning about multiple intelligences I know how to help students like myself who don't fit the typical learning styles. This showed me how important it is to think about all the different ways people think when I am teaching something. The Question Observations A lesson learned I learned many things from observations
but the first thing I learned came before
they even started. With the lateness of
the assignments I grew very frustrated
and I was at my last nerve when we finally
got our assignments. I learned from this
experience that always in my life even
when I'm teaching and think I'm in control
things will probably not go exactly my way
and I will have to adjust for the unexpected. A lesson taught Teaching my first lesson
was very exciting for me
but also very nerve-wracking.
The planning of the lesson was
probably the worst part and it
made me very stressed, I just
wanted it to be perfect (This is
something I know I will have
to work on when I start teaching,
I will have to tell myself to make
it as perfect as possible but not to
the point of losing my sanity). However,
once I got up there in front of the
class I forgot my nerves and I
felt at home.
Teaching seemed as natural as
saying my ABC's A life Experience Observations are an experience I will never forget. The classroom is so different when seen from a different perspective than that of a student.
I will never forget the first time I watched the students take a test, the feeling in the air as the end approached, the intensity is amazing to experience. I also learned that with the right balance it is possible
to be both a friend and an authority figure to your
students. That something was... Images naungancinta.wordpress.com/2008/04/11/multiple-intelligences-which-one-your-learning-style Multiple Inteligences Textiles www.tx.ncsu.edu Mrs. Overby www.wcpss.net/news/2002_toy_finalists Classroom commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/file:
classroom_843785861.jpg We were asked "To Teach or Not to Teach?"
this question and the answer to it definitely seemed
simple to me, even this early in my decision to
become a teacher, though I made sure to really think
about it and take my time before answering the question. Mrs. Overby
My AMAZING sponsor teacher.
Mrs. Overby is an amazing teacher
and I wish I would have had teachers
like her when I was in high school.
She has found that perfect balance
between being the cool teacher and
the strict teacher, her class is always
fun and filled with energy but the
students are ALWAYS learning. but I knew then that it was the perfect profession
for me, where else could I combine my love of books
and helping people?
In high school I had always been asked by my teachers
in almost every subject to tutor other students that were
struggling. Even though this took time away from
doing my own work I was always willing to do it
and always enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed when I was
able to explain something to the students they couldn't
understand beforehand. Thinking about these experiences
was actually a big part of my decision, and if those
teachers hadn't asked for my help or those students
wouldn't have needed it then, I probably would still
be stuck trying to find a major.
The Switch
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