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No description

Sarah Emeigh

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of UGG

Summary of Situation Analysis -COMPETITION Focus Group JUSTIFICATION Survey Bearpaw, EMU -PRODUCT UGG Sheepskin boots -TARGET Full-time Female college students GOAL JUSTIFICATION The results of the survey would provide us with other information that we could not gain from the focus groups. GOAL The goal of the survey was to see patterns in people’s behaviors and attitudes about UGG’s and their competitors. Focus Group PROCEDURE -Seven participants -Questions prepared -Quiet Room -UGG users vs. Non-users Focus Group FINDINGS - Price worth quality -Durable yet comfortable -Not worth the expensive price -Aren't practical in winter weather, should change the material -On average, consumers wear UGG boots about 5 days a week. Survey Findings Survey Findings -60% say UGG boot was the most attractive of the competitors EMU and Bearpaw. Survey Findings -The average price consumers will spend on boots is $113 -The highest consumers have spent is $215 SWOT STRENGTHS
-solid reputation
-consumer base WEAKNESS
-Male market
-not weather friendly
-other products OPPORTUNITY
-men product line
-other products THREATS
-economic down turn
-competition brands
-animal activists STRATEGIC RECOMMENDATION Defensive
-reinforce message
-men's footwear
-other products History -UGG Australia was first founded in 1978 by Brian Smith -originated in Southern California

-Brian Smith was inspired by the casual lifestyle of California beach

-started out as menswear -Participants could discuss openly -Incentives and patterns UGG USERS Non UGG Users
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