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Battles at Gallipoli

No description

Sally T

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Battles at Gallipoli

The Battle of Chunuk Bair 6-10 August 1915
New Zealanders looked to Chunuk Bair as a way to bypass the Turkish defences and allow the Anzacs to advance.
The night of 6 August the opportunity was there to take Chunuk Bair, but the New Zealand commander lost his nerve and would not make the decision. Finally when ordered to attack the Turk had reinforced and the Auckland Battalion was attacked.
The next morning colonel William Malaone attacked and took Chunuk Bair- however, now they had to hold it. Turks to our left and to our right now, too, their shots started getting us. I heard thump, thump, thump and it was fellows falling around me. Nine or ten of them, suddenly wounded or dead, all the jokers I'd been playing poker with just a minute or two before.
Charlie Clark in Maurice Shadbolt, Voices of Gallipoli, 1988
The Turks knew it was important to recapture Chunuk Bair and attacked it again on the 8th of August 1915. 760 Wellington Battalion soldiers fought alone as the two British battalions ran away. By the end of the night the Wellington soldiers were left with 50 men to man the trenches. The rest were dead or wounded.
Finally all the men from Wellington, fought and died on Chunuk Bair. Including their commanding officer Lieutenant-Colonel Malone.
Men from the Otago Battalion and the Wellington Mounted rifles help onto their trenches on Chunuk Bair all day on the 9th of August 1915. Finally all were exhausted and New Zealand had no more men to give. They were replaced by the British who lost the Chunuk Bair hill ' the way men died on Chunuk is shaping the deeds yet to be done by the generations still unborn... When the August fighting died down there was no longer a question but that New Zealanders had commenced to realise themselves a nation' - Ormond Burton, New Zealand Field Ambulance Bu August Hamilton planned a new offensive- to seize two major heights - Hill 971 and Chunuk Bair. Godleys force was to seize the foot hills before Monash's Fourth Australian Brigade stormed Hill 971 and Johnston's New Zealand Infantry Brigade captured Chunuk Bair. CHUNUK BAIR
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