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media violence

No description

Aaron Heifort

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of media violence

for every 10 minutes of playing video games, boys between the ages of 8 and 18 will see between 2 and 124 acts of violence. DOES MEDIA CAUSE VIOLENCE ? Media violence is an expression of art,
many people do agree. Aggressive behavior
may increase in small children who watch
violent and aggressive natured videos, and
games and movies. There is research that shows
that the consuming of violent enterainment is bad
for kids. An example of one act is when the new batman movie came out,
in a theater in Denver, Colorado, a gunman, masked and dressed
up like "bane" the villain in the movie, came into a theater and
shot up the place and killing and wonding many people. A way the media trys to make
everything seem so violent is the
way they use guns. over the years the
media uses guns in movies, but if you
look carefully, over time the gun that
the "tough guy" in the movies uses gets bigger. Tips for parents of all kids
Explain consequences. What parent hasn't heard "but there's no blood" as an excuse for watching a movie or playing a video game? Explain the true consequences of violence. Point out how unrealistic it is for people to get away with violent behavior.
Keep an eye on the clock. Don't let kids spend too long with virtual violence. The more time spent immersed in violent content, the greater its impact and influence.
Teach conflict resolution. Most kids know that hitting someone on the head isn't the way to solve a disagreement, but verbal cruelty is also violent. Teach kids how to use their words responsibly to stand up for themselves without throwing a punch.
Know your kids' media. Check out ratings and, when there are none, find out about content. Content in a 1992 R-rated movie is now acceptable for a PG-13. Streaming online videos aren't rated and can showcase very brutal stuff. http://www.commonsensemedia.org/ philwiley.com
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