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The Battle of Fredericksburg

No description

Holden Worth

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of The Battle of Fredericksburg

The Battle of Fredericksburg
By Holden Worth
About the battle
The Union soldiers tried to fight running up a hill.
The Confederates waited on the hill just firing down.
The Union knew they had more soldiers so they were careless and persitent with their effotrts to take the hill.
Union's diversion
General Ambrose Burnside
The Army of the Potomac
not a very experienced leader
Had to fight while running up a hill
used about 100,007 men
choose a bad place to fight an important battle
used their troops freely knowing they had more than the Confederates
The Union
December 11-15, 1862
One of the largest battles of the civil war.
172,504 people were engaged in the fighting.
Fought on the streets of fredericksburg and prospect hill.
Union- General Burnside
Confederates- General Lee, General Jackson
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How they won
How they lost
Led by General Robert E. Lee, and General Thomas Jonathon Jackson
Both experienced and trusted leaders
Had severely less casualties
Had a better general and geographical position
had 72,497 soldiers
Won by staying atop prospect hill and firing at the incomning Union soldiers
Had a smarter general who choose his moves carefully.
Had better geographical position
Had a place to take a type of shelter
were shocked at the Unions initial attack, but regrouped and were able to attack back.
Fought in the south, they knew the land better
Their generals made smart decisions for counter attacks.
Choose a terribel place to fight a battle
Didn't have the best General
Their General didn't make the best choices
Tried to run up a hill while continuosly being shot at
Didn't have enough reinforcements for their main force
Post war
There were around 17,800 casualties in total.
Confederates- 4,500 casulaties
Union- 13,300 casualties
The Confederates came away victorious
Lincoln removed Burnside from the command of the Army of the Potomac 6 weeks after the battle of fredericksburg.

Initial Conflict
The Union army's main assault was against Stonewall Jackson and the confederat's right flank.
They had a lack of reinforcements
Jackson was a smart commander and his counterattacks were powerful
Both sides lost many men
9,000 men killed, wounded, or missing

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