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Clothing of the Igbo People

No description

supreet khinda

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of Clothing of the Igbo People

Igbo Clothing
Children are believed to have nothing to hide
They are usually naked
Sometimes they only have their private parts covered
A child may wear a string of beads around the waist for medical purposes or reasons
Special Occasions and the Importance of Clothing
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On any typical day men wore cotton wrappers, a shirt and sandals while working on their farms or just around their house
For traditional or gatherings men wore long shirts that were often decorated with tucks and embroidery
Earlier men only had a piece of cloth covering their crotches and wrapping their waist
Everyday and Traditional Clothing
Mens accessories
Threads on ankles
Goatskin bags
kept valuables in them
Men's body designs
They painted their bodies with charcoal
They would use black dye on their bodies
Everyday and Traditional Clothing
The women tend to wear the same kind of clothing everyday, no matter what the occasion.
Women and girls usually wear wraps with accessories
These wraps were worn for both formal and informal occasions
These wraps were often imported
Women with babies
Children were tied to their backs with a peace of cloth
Sometimes women would wear different pieces of cloth to show marital status and number of children
Women's accessories
Ankle Plates
They were worn to attract men
Women wore headdresses to preserve their heritage and to show that they are proud of it
Necklaces made from beads
A lot of makeup and body art
Other handmade jewelry
Formal and Wedding Ocassions
During any special occasion the Igbo people dress festive and appropriate for the occasion
The women wear a dress made of better materials and a head tie/wrap
Men wear longer shirts with extra decorations
Images Of Igbo Occasions
What is the importance of clothing to the Igbo culture?
Wearing fancier clothing for special occasions signifies the importance put on gatherings and meetings withing the Igbo culture
Their simple style of clothing demonstrates their views on the importance of life
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