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The Night of the Twisters

No description

Sully Shelton

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of The Night of the Twisters

Can YOU Find Your Way Out??? Night of the Twisters Red & Black Letter Days When Dan was a kid he had always thought Red
Letter Days were when you got a red letter in your mailbox. Now he knows that they are when it is just the best day of your life. And then there are those Black Letter Days. When it feels like GOD wanted this bad day to happen to you. He is up there in the Heavens just laughing down at you. Dan didn't know it ,but one of those Black Letter Days was coming up. At the Beach The Craziest Bike Ride Ever While Dan and Arthur were riding home papers started blowing all over the place. They turned on to Sand Crane Drive (Dan's Street) and a comic page hit Dan straight in the face. Dan stopped on his brakes quickly. Newsprint was scattered throughout the street. Dan waited for Arthur to laugh it out with him. This was a bad sign but at the time Dan didn't know it. Tornado Alert!!! I settled down on the couch and started watching Happy Days again but I couldn't get into it like I usually do. All of a sudden the Siren started. I knew up in Phillips nobody would be able to here it. I dashed to the phone and started dialing Grandmas phone number. Grandma! Grandma! There is a tornado coming! DGMASVBSBSBVKKUASVB! Talk normal Grandma! A tornado's coming! With that the line went dead. Then the siren just stopped. "Hey! They changed there minds" Arthur said. Dan hung up the phone. He was confused. I ran to the door hoping to see mom but no such luck. Sure enough the wind had died down. "Maybe we sould turn on the radio Arthur suggested? You want me to? I'll get the weather station! I wasn't listening. I hurried down to Ryan's bedroom and looked a him. He was peacefully sleeping. If I woke him up he would start crying and screaming. I let him be. I closed the door quietlyand that's when the lights started flickering. I dashed down the hall almost having a head-on with Arthur. The radio... It..... WHAT?!?!?! The radio reception just went dead. This guy was just screaming TORNADO ALERT! TORNADO ALERT! TORNADO ALERT! over and over again. Then it just died. We rushed to the living room. The T.V. was flashing CD! CD! CD! What does that mean Arthur asked? Civil Defense Emergency! I'm getting Ryan! The lights flickered. Then we started hearing these really weird sounds. They drains and pipes were sucking! "I've got to go home! Arthur said all of a sudden. They won't get in the basement!" GET DOWN THERE! NOW GO! I bolted down the hall to Ryan's room just as the lights went out. For good. Arthur and Dan
were chilling at the beach when... Arthur said no. He and
Dan hopped on their bikes and started on home not noticing the greenish sky. They saw storm clouds
rolling in. They decided to head home. They saw Stacey in the
parking lot and she asked for a ride home. Dan has a crush on Stacey and almost said yes ,but... When Dan and Arthur got home they flopped
on the couch and started watching Happy Days.
Dan went to the kitchen to get some chips. "If your looking for the chips were all out" Dan's mom said.
Well look at this!!! The curtains were flying straight out the window. "Would you please close that window" Dans mom said. Dan watched his mom sew for a few minutes before going back to
the living room. That's funny Dan heard his mom say a minute later. She had called Grandma Hatch and the phone was ringing but no one was answering. Where was Grandma Hatch? Dan and Arthur were watching T.V. and chowing down on the crackers when the severe-weather warning came on. Dan's mom rushed in. "In effect until further notice was given. Warnings are being issued for St. Paul, Dannebrog, and surrounding rural areas" the radio crackled. "St. Paul's is northwest of Phillips. That's were the farm is. That is to close for comfort" Dan's mom said. "Do we have to go to the basement" Dan said? No but go put these supplies down there. I am going to go to Mrs .Smiley's because with her hearing aid down to zero she isn't going to here anything. Mom don't go! And the slam of the door left Dan and Arthur in silence. Mayhem "Where's Mrs. Smiley?" Dan asked his mom. I turned her hearing aid up and brought her to the basement. I was about to leave when the tornado started. I dove under her dining room table and hung on for dear life. It was awful. Just holing on to that table leg. The tornado stopped and I imediatly came to find you. Poor Mrs. Smiley is stuck in the basement. She can't get out because the stairs fell down. I have no clue how to get her out. How can we leave Mrs. Smiley? Maybe with... Mrs. Hatch 3 out of 4 tornadoes happen in the U.S. 99.5 percent of Northern Heisphere tornadoes turn counterclockwise, but 2 of these spun the oppisite way These tornadoes did'nt match in velocity, direction, or size Most tornadoes are less
then 1/2 a mile wide Dan runs into Ryan's room and his head hits Ryan's mobile. He knows he is at the crib now. He tries to take Ryan out but gets tangled in the mobile. He sets Ryan back down... trying to get him untangled as the wind roars in Dan's ears. MOM! He knew she wasn't there. Dan climbed up on the crib... and felt for the hook holding the mobile up. He felt it and unhooked it. He took Ryan out of the crib and dashed for the basement door. The mobile was poking me and Ryan but I didn't care. The tornado was close and I knew it. We were soaking wet and cold. We had no clue wear our parents were. We did'nt even know if they were alive. "Lets go" I chattered. Dan burst through the
basement door and was blinded
by a bright light. Arthur was shining
the flashlight at Dan. Dan jumped the last flight of stairs. "Arthur help Ryan's caught in this thing Dan yells." They untangle Ryan and boards start scraping across the floor upstairs. "Your mom is home" screamed Arthur but, Dan knew his mom was'nt there. The tornado souned like a fright train. Dan grabbed a blanket and sprawled it on top of Arthur,Ryan,and himself. The tornado did'nt seem like it was moving at all. It seemedd as if it was hovering right over Dan's house. All of a sudden Dan remembered his dad's words. "The bathroom's the safest place." ARTHUR!" Dan roared! "Follow me" The trio stumbled to the bathroom. Windows were poping, glass was shattering and I was feeling like I was getting sucked in. "Mother of God!" Were going to die! Suddenly chunks of cieling started falling on us. "We'll be buried!" We prayed and prayed and prayed as Ryan screamed in their ears. I started bawling as I held Ryan tight. Then, out of nowhere the noises started to calm down. Arthur jerked from out under the blanket and started vomiting all over some broken sheetrock. That's when it started raining. The End The End Found?!?!?! After many struggles a few things went right. Ryan got a towel insted of his wet clothes. Stacey also got Ryan, Dan, and Arthur out of Dan's "house/rubble. Everyone was even alive! They did not know where Dan's mom was though. "Well find her Stacey said. You'll see." It was a nightmare. Only this nightmare had come true. We walked and walked asking everybody we saw. Then I saw mom's car. It was next door to Aunt Goldies house in Miss Stevens yard. A battered wreck of seats, a radio, tires, and metal. MOM! MOM! She made it to Mrs. Smiley's. I know she did. I was so crazy I did'nt see the person hurrying toward us in the red windbreaker. "Danny!" Seconds later I was in my mom's arms crying like a baby.
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