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No description

yevette trujillo

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of Buddhism

Good Deeds Brought food to co-worker,
help anyone who needs help
donate to the comunity. Bad deeds He didnt follow the law
all the time. suffering in the world no one is happy
if there is, greed,ignorance,
hatred, sickness, and death. If existance is endless and
everyone is reincarnated, suffering will keep happening. A "good life"
for buddhist: think of others before yourself to
be closer to their lord, do good deeds
to end your suffering and be re-born into
a better life. With out negative thoughts and feeling compassion and love will come to you for all livingthings.
End to suffering: life is suffering every where but Buddhist belive that there is an end to all suffering, if we stop disiering. The end of disiering is nirvana;total peace in any stuation. Beliefs about suffering
and life after death.
Buddhism sam lived in california, he worked
at the bank and liked to travel for fun.
His religion is buddism. Sam was 23 when
he died in a car accident the lotus flower is a symbol of re-birth. Lotus Flower the sand-painted mandala(mandala is its real name.) is used as a tool for re-consecrating the earth and its inhabitants. sand art wheel of life. The Wheel of Life is the context, the way Buddhists see the world and our human condition, the reason we do what we do.
sand art aslo shows
things in life dont last
long like happiness,
sadness,and anger, because after they finish making it they wipe it all way. reincarnation is depends
on your actions in this life
and past lives. like karma Nirvana; nivana is complete
enlightment. Nirvana can be eveywhere its here right now and has always been. but we never realize its here beacuse of our fears and desiers 8-fold path: To reach nirvana is to
do the 8 fold path. It is not easy
to do and you can not just do it all
in one day. 1.)right understanding
(of the 4 N.T.)
2.)right intention
(to end all suffering in the word for you)
3.)right speach
4.)right action
(honist and build peace in the world)
5.)right livelihood
(your work in this world helps people)
6.)right effort (your actions show you believe in your
self and others)
7.)right mindfulness
(aware of your expreiences in ward and out ward)
8.)right concontration karma karma is the universal law
of cause and effect. what others think: some people think nirvana isn't real and they just dont see it the way buddhis see it.
also people think that there is suffering to help people prov their fath. not all buddhist see suffering and desires the same way. Even though sam didnt follow the law
all the time he followed the 8fold path
to reach nirvana sam had a grate life when he followed the 8fold path and now he is in peace after he died. way before sam had ever know the 8fold path he always did some bad and some good deed and he was re-born over and over again. His action were the cause of his suffering and how he got re-born
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