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Beta Xi House Fundraising Campaign

No description

Whitney Negrete

on 21 March 2015

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Transcript of Beta Xi House Fundraising Campaign

Beta Xi House Fundraising Campaign
What We Want
Reconfiguration of Rooms Includes:

4 drawers under the bed boxes
Bookcases/shelves from bed to ceiling in between the beds
Shelves and lighting above the head of the bed
Floor to ceiling shelves
Pull out desk and bookshelves
Double hanging closet space
Continuous shelf around room which is 18" from ceiling
New doors and security locking hardware
Jay Dee Barr Construction Estimate
Have More Questions?
Any alumnae is welcome to join the first 15 minutes of our monthly house corporation meetings which are currently being held the third Wednesday each month at 7:45pm.

Please contact Jeannine Bennett at jeannine@scjb.com or 801-971-2634 to obtain the call number and code for each meeting you would like to join
How Much We Need
To complete our projects we need to raise $300,000
Why It Costs So Much

House was appraised in March 2013 for $1.2 Million
Would Not be less expensive to tear down the existing house and rebuild one or buy one
Estimate Received from Jay Dee Barr Construction (worked on the Sigma Chi House) $821,995
How To Donate
Rewire the house so it is safe to live in
Re-do the bedrooms which has been in our 5-10 year plan since 2008
Check/Money Orders
Make checks/money orders out to:
Alpha Chi Omega Beta Xi House Corporation
Mail Checks/Money Orders To:
Sherrie Westin Reese, Treasurer
1144 East Castlecreek Drive
Holladay, UT 84117
Paypal/Credit Cards

To get a pledge form e-mail, fundraising chair, Sarah Tucker at axobetaxi@gmail.com
How Much Do We Have?

currently raised: $84,000
1/3 of the way to goal
Integrated Eletrical Solutions Estimate
Blackham Construction Estimate
What The Cabinets Will Look Like
Robert Day Construction Estimate
Brian Worthen
Additional Costs
Demolition $3,300 (less if all floors are completed at the same time
Bedroom Doors 21 (basement and upstairs doors)-27 (all doors in house) @ $315 each= $6615-$8505
Bedroom Security Locks $1800-3250 (Beazer lock and key verbal quote of 12-13 @$150-$250)
Cork boards $3000-3900 (12-13 rooms at $250-300/each)
Flooring Allowance $6,800- 48,000
Carpet @ 17/sq yd=$6,800 (all bedrooms)
Repair or replace @ $16/sq ft X3000=$48,000 (some repair will be necessary but is unknown how much until demolition completed)
Refinish @$3/sq ft=$9,000 (upstairs bedrooms only)
Electrical $87,000 (exact amount unknown until demolition completed) (includes bringing another power line into the house and CAT 5 wiring/wireless access points)
Electrical fixtures $6,000 ($500 allowance/room for LED desk/task lighting above desk and bed & ceiling fixtures)
Plumbing $ 7,200
Wallboard Repair $2,000 (estimate based on quote of $45/hour + Material)
Painting $3,000 (bedroom & hallway wall & ceilings)
Subtotal: $284,525
Overages 10%: $28,452

GRAND TOTAL: $312,077.50
If you have any connections with contractors that could help us save money let us know
In Addition the phone/study room is being converted to a bedroom and one of the basement bedrooms will house 3 members
Email Pledge
Donate in Honor of a Sister
Honor a sister by making a donation in her name. Send a donation using any of the previous mentioned ways and note who you would like to honor. We will send a note to inform them that they are an honoree! This is the perfect way to show appreciation for the sisters who have made an impact onour life as well as help the future of the house
Please note on any of the forms if you do not want to be recognized for your donation
Click on the link and it will take you directly to where you need to be
If we are unable to raise the necessary funds to complete the improvements we will then, and only then, look at other options. Other options will be communicated to all donors and from that point each donor can determine how they would like the House Corporation to handle their individual donation/pledge (i.e. return or re-assign to other project). The monies received to date and in the future are being deposited into a seperate account that is restricted for this purpose and cannot be used for other costs or expenses of the house corporation.
Remember all the memories you had in this house

What Happens If We Can't Raise The Money We Need?
If you want to see floor plans please email whitneynegrete@gmail.com or jeannine@scjb.com or check the Beta Xi Alumnae Facebook Page
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