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Beta Xi House Fundraising Campaign

No description

Whitney Negrete

on 20 July 2017

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Transcript of Beta Xi House Fundraising Campaign

Beta Xi House Fundraising Campaign
What We Have Done
Milieu Design
Have More Questions?
Any alumnae is welcome to join the first 15 minutes of our monthly house corporation meetings which are currently being held the third Wednesday each month at 7:45pm.

Please contact Julie Pitcher at to obtain the call number and code for each meeting you would like to join
How Much We Need
Why It Costs So Much
How To Donate
Check/Money Orders
Make checks/money orders out to:
Alpha Chi Omega Beta Xi House Corporation
Mail Checks/Money Orders To:
Paypal/Credit Cards

To get a pledge form e-mail, fundraising chair, Sarah Tucker at axobetaxi@gmail.com
How Much Do We Have?

What Things Will Look Like

Cost Break Down
Bedroom Doors $500
Bedroom Security Locks
Flooring $37,000
Drywall $15,000
Electrical fixtures
Painting $24,000
Email Pledge
Please note on any of the forms if you do not want to be recognized for your donation
Click on the link and it will take you directly to where you need to be
Remember all the memories you had in this house

What's Left To Do
What happens if we cant raise the money?
Complete renovation of the downstairs bathroom
Kitchenette located in the basement to accommodate more girls with the continually growing chapter
Updating the main kitchen and back hall
Entire house has been rewired & internet/WIFI capacity has been upgraded
Bedrooms have been completely redone
built-ins removed
brand new furniture
new closets
brand new lighting
Living room floor has been reinforced
Found white oak floors under the carpet in living room, we will be keeping
Insulation has been added
A new fireplace that is easier to use has been added to the front room; along with the addidtion of a TV
Chapter room has been re-done
The house was built in 1950ish & it needed to be brought into the current century, which is expensive.
That being said we have addressed electrical & structural issues.
After almost 70 years the built in bedroom furniture has finally been removed & replaced with high quality lifetime warranty height adjustable beds, desks, & dressers.
We have added and maintained gathering space for the women in the chapter room, improved the heat and insulation, warmed it up with working gas fireplaces, refloored, replaced and improved lighting, and revised the coat room.
LHC had to vote to take out a loan to cover these amazing updates
LHC had to vote to take out a loan to cover the much needed updates
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