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Gehry Architecture

No description

Kip Forness

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Gehry Architecture

Chinese-American Architect
Frank Gehry & I. M. Pei
By: Kip Forness and Briana Frierson
Super Fun Architecture
Place of Birth: Guangzhou, China
Married, 4 Children
HGSD: 1942-1946
Masters Degree
M.I.T.until 1940
Bachelors Degree
Early Life
Le Corbusier
Swiss-French Architect
Pioneer of Modern Architecture
Urban Planner
Walter Groupius
German Architect
"Master of Modern Architecture"
Marcel Bruer
Hungarian-Born Architec
"Master of Modernism

*Leading him to his
professional experience with William Zeckendorf
Born as Frank Goldberg
Toronto, Canada
Born in 1929
Polish and Jewish Family
Archetect from early age
Built homes out of items from grandfathers Hardware store
Sparked use of non-conventional shapes
Moved to Los Angeles at the age of 20 in 1949
Attended University of Southern California's School Of architechture
Name changed
Moved to massachusetts in 1956 to attend the Harvard Graduate School of design
Dropped out of Harvard Design School
Began his career through his line of Cardboard furniture
1981- named architect of the year by his peers
1989- Pritzker prize
1992- Wolf prize for art an the praemium imperidale award
1998 National medal of the arts
University of Penn.
Professor to Architect
Offered an assistant professor position at H.G.S.D.
Served as a National Defense Research Commitee
Partnership with Walter Gropius, Frederick Roth, and E.H. Duhart
low-cost modern houses.
Leading Pei's 1st national Exposure
I.M. Pei & Associates
Own Independent Firm
Iconic Rebirth
Family Home
Santa Monica
Angular Skylight
Began getting regular contracts to remodel homes in the 80's
David Cabin (1958)

Gehry's first remodel
Contrast to later Works
"Easy Edges"
The Steeves Residence (1958)
Gehry asked to add a wing
Design rejected

Origina house destroyed in fire
Gehry remodeled but did ot change much
Famous Architecture Buildings
Ongoing Difficulties
Pyramid du Louvre, 1989.
Luce Memorial Chapel,1963.
The Wagner Residence (1978)
Museum of Islamic Art, 2008.
Angular focus
Corrgated Metal
Davis cabin
3 living areas
Coastal regulaions
Fountain Place, 1986.
The Gunther Residence (1978)
Geometric focus
Narrow bluff
Projected costs
Bank of China Tower, 1990.
The Familian Residence (1978)
Angular + Geometric
2 Part construction
Entertaining area
Living quarters
Picked at a deconstriction exibit
Gehry had provlems with the specifications
Architectural Focus & Style
Geometric focused
Straight edge
Sharp Points
Rectangular Forms
Irregular Silhouettes
Also considered as a Modernist who uses lot of cubic themes.
Use of space,surfaces; very clean lines.
Achievement Awards
1979: AIA Gold Medal
The Kline Residence (1964)
1989: The first Praemium Imperiale
Early Career
2003: Lifetime Achievement Award
Cooper-Hewitt and National Design Museum.
1983: The Pritzker Prize (Noble Prize for Architecture)
Mudam Museum,2006.
Four Seasons Hotel New York,1994.
Patriot Tower, 1979.
Residential Success
Fairmount Singapore, 1986.
Suzhou Museum, 2006.
The Jane M. Spiller Residence

Success with resedential
Repeated skylight
angular within box
The Dennis Hopper Condos (1981)
Experiment with exterior
Sally Kellerman and Johnathan D.
Krane Renovation (1983)
Combines his architectural elements (traditional) and incorporates it in his work based on geometric shapes.
Contemporary style
uses alot of indoor and outdoor space.
Additions to older structures
Original house (1940)
Fun Fact
Harrison ford was the carpenter for this building
Large Scale At Last
The Nationale-Nederlanden Building (1996)
Dancing building
360 degree focus
New York by Gehry (2011)
2010: Royal Gold Medal
Basically, he has won EVRY award you can think of in the architectural field.
Jay Pritzker Pavilion
1948: Partnered with William Zickendorf (Webb & Knapp Firm)
designed building around the country
I.M. Pei's First Project

• http://static.dezeen.com/uploads/2010/06/dzn_Lou-Ruvo-Center-for-Brain-Health-by-Frank-Gehry-2.jpg
• http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2763/4243206346_5c041b00a3.jpg
• http://cdn.all-that-is-interesting.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/MostFamousDesignsGehryWaltDisney1.jpg
• http://www.e-architect.co.uk/images/jpgs/barcelona/fish_frank_gehry_9.jpg
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• http://www.ncmodernist.org/gehry.htm
• http://www.achievement.org/achievers/geh0/large/geh0-003.jpg
Frank O. Gehry by Germano Celant

National Gallery East Wing

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I.M.PEI by Jodidio & Strong

75 stories
Unique units
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