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Science Presentation by: Gabriel L. Begay

No description

Gabriel begay

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Science Presentation by: Gabriel L. Begay

Science Presentation by: Gabriel L. Begay Maria Sklodowska Curie Children of Bronisawa and Wadysaw Skodowski: (from left) the oldest daughter Zofia, Helena, Maria, Józef and Bronisawa > Born On November 7, 1867 in Warsaw the city which was once the capital of Poland Zofia Sklodowska died at the age of Eight from typhus. Marie's mother

Madame Sklodowska died in May 1878 Work as a private tutor putting money aside to pay Bronya’s tuition at medical school in Paris and her living expenses. The Pact Graduated at the age of 15 and awarded a gold medal in 1883
\m/Afterwards she suffered from a nervous illness leaving her too tired to do anything\m/ •In the year of 1894 Marie was introduced to Pierre Curie, he was title Laboratory Chief at Paris Municipal School of Industrial Physics and Chemistry
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