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5 Languages of Appreciation

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Jennifer Sajovec

on 10 August 2017

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Transcript of 5 Languages of Appreciation

Pick a staff member for each chair.
Make a list of the different things you do to show your staff appreciation.
Now can you match appreciation with each of your staff members....
CSAD Story
Learn about yourself....
Go online and take this quiz:
Working for

cafeterias, chefs, snacks, coffee bars
haircuts, laundry, concierge
taking a break: billiards, rock climbing, swimming pool, ping pong
Rest! (naps, hotel-like rooms)
physical and mental health services:
workout rooms and classes, doctor(s) on site, support groups
Private spaces to attend to personal affairs
massage chairs, spas, masseuse
Staff outings and parties
5 (minus one) Languages of Appreciation
Words of Affirmation
Quality Time
Acts of Service
Tangible Gifts
Physical Touch
Praise for Accomplishment
Affirmation of Character
Praise for Personality
If you could have ANYTHING at work,what would you want?
Now, what would you want that's
affordable and realistic?
Now we dance...
Cupid Shuffle!
1. Divide your poster in 4 squares.
2. Label your square.
3. Brainstorm!

"Your presentation on student participation techniques was so effective and motivational!"
"Kim, you are a really compassionate person. I have seen the way your respond to people who are frustrated. You genuinely seek to understand their perspective and circumstances. I truly admire you for that."
"One of the things I admire about you is that you are always optimistic. I sometimes get so discouraged but when I talk with you, I always feel so much better. I really appreciated that!"
Personal: One to One
Praise in Front of Others
Written Affirmation
Public Affirmation
Refrain from hollow praise!
Serve "effectively" and voluntary!
Be ready to do what you ask others to do! Nothing is "below you."
Help with a happy heart.
How to Help
Stay after hours to help me complete a project.
Offer to do some menials tasks to allow that person to focus on higher priorities.
Help the person get work done more efficiently (e.g., set up a Google sheet.)
Bring that person some food when he/she is working long hours.
Offer to set-up and clean up for a project or event.
"I Need to feel 'heard' by my administrator."
Tips for providing REAL quality time.....
1. Maintain eye contact.
2. Don't do other things while you are listening.
3. Listen for feelings as well as thoughts.
4. Affirm their feelings even if you disagree with their conclusions.
5. Observe body language.
6. Resist the impulse to interrupt.
7. If you truly don't have the time, reschedule for when you do.
Ideas for providing quality time....
Invite someone to stop by, sit down in your office, and check in with you about how things are going.
Suggest talking a walk during lunch or visiting at a coffee shop.
Have an off-site retreat for the staff.
Get together to watch a sporting event or concert.
Stop by their work station or give them a call just to chat.
Plan something fun for all the staff to do together.
Two Rules for Gift Giving
to Show Appreciation.....
1. Give gifts primarily to those individuals who appreciate them or who earned something.
2. Give a meaningful gift the person TRULY appreciates.
Ideas for Gifts:
tickets to something the person enjoys
gift card to a favorite place
certificate to do a favorite hobby
general gift card
Come up with a set of appreciation ideas...
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