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No description

Clay McKinney

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Love

Results in
WHat's Love got to do with it?
Sustainable Drive
to continue
practicing and learning comes from
Successful Performances
built on Love and Mutual
The success of the last performance is the fuel that feeds future learning
Love of Music

Love of Playing
are the Core
Love as a fundamental - Along with the many aspects we consider to be fundamentals of learning music, love or fostering a love of music is an equally important fundamental

Love in learning the fundamentals, Teacher Modeling - "There is love in teaching/learning the fundamentals."
Socio-musical Context & Responsibility
What can we contribute as musicians to the group and the world?

What is there to Love about that?

Can be as simple as a scale warm up.
Musical Citizens
We get students to make more conscientious decisions by educating them about the musical world and harnessing what they love about music.
Love is the best

Love of Music, Love of Playing, Love of Learning, Love of _________?
Appreciation Gap
1. Harnessing what they love about music making closes the appreciation Gap between your appreciation of what they need to know and their appreciation of what they believe they should know .

2. Giving them choices accepts what they appreciate about what they are doing.
Musical Tradition
Sometimes all that is needed for students to make conscientious musical decisions is a little inspiration.
Music Theory
Tension and Release
I V ____
Music History
Give Music a Human Face
Marian Anderson is a great example.
She needed to sing well because her example and successful performance would inspire people.
Only prescriptions with no Exploration between teacher and student. Appreciation Gap is Closed from only the side of the student.
Very Fundamental approach with limited or no choices for students.
Technique Fundamentals
No Modeling
No Context
No Musical Citizenship
Successful Music Performance as the foundation
No exploration just lecture and assessment.
Orchestra Basketball
They get to make choices, and play music in a context they understand. Getting to choose the game and help make up some of the rules was important to the process.
Improvising and Composing
1. My students love to be involved in the decision making process
2. My students love to be successful
Appreciation Gap
Talking about writing actual music but could be included because the students are creating
Dynamics Not Written in the part. Why did you crescendo there?

Phrasing Not written in the part. Why did you slow down there?
What articulation(s) in the music create the gypsy dance feel?

From where in the
world does "Slavonic" come?

to quality composing

1. Not enough creative scale
work prior to composing
2. Not enough practice
3.Incorrect interpretation
of what they are
Jung-Ho Pak
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