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Common Core and Literacy Workshop

No description

Tricia I

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Common Core and Literacy Workshop

Let's Work Together!
I want your questions!

Miss Tricia Isbell

How to contact me:


What is Common Core?
New educational standards

Initiative began in late 2008 / early 2009
Building off the best standards

Developed by education chiefs and governors from 48 different
Collaboration with teachers and researchers

Voluntarily adopted by 43 states

Key Shifts in Literacy
Regular practice with complex texts
Staircase of

from text
Make claims
Present information

depth of knowledge

Informational text
Academic vocabulary
Depth of understanding - process
How does it look in the classroom?
Integration of subjects

Classroom rules and expectations:
Student reflection and self-correction
Improvements and progress


Student-centered learning
What's up with this homework?
What can we do?
Developing Language Skills

Ask your child to use
to defend opinions with details and facts
Raising allowance

Audio books
in the car

Watch TV with

Make sure your child sees you reading!
Common Core and Literacy Workshop
Tricia Isbell

Literacy Strands
"An estimated 27% of all students under 25 at public four-year colleges, and a whopping 44% at two-year colleges were taking at least one
course, according to the U.S. Department of Education statistics." (Philipps, 2014)

Prepare students to be
career and college ready
Think critically
Connections between subjects

Global competition

Consistent standards within the United States

(Key shifts in English Language Arts, 2014; Hansen, K., & Ludlow, 2014)
(Frequently asked questions, 2014)
(Frequently asked questions, 2014)
Developing thinking skills
Analyzing and deconstructing
Understanding of the process

Use of evidence

Forming multiple connections

More writing assignments, across content areas

(7 Common Core questions, n.d.)
Reading in ELA

Writing in ELA

Speaking and Listening

Start a
with prompts for your child.
"What would you add to the museum? Why?"

Use a
with quotes or vocabulary words for each day

books together
Scavenger hunt for information

Book Suggestions

Little House on the Prairie -
Laura Ingalls Wilder

Charlotte's Web -
E. B. White

Anne of Green Gables -
L. M. Montgomery

The Boxcar Children series -
Gertrude Warner

My Father's Dragon -
Ruth Stiles Gannett

The Tale of Despereaux -
Kate DiCamillo

A Long Way from Chicago -
Richard Peck

Discovering Mars: The Amazing Red Planet -
Melvin Berger

Now and Ben: The Modern Inventions of Benjamin Franklin -
Gene Barretta


Clue or Clue Junior

Scrabble or Scrabble Junior


Heads Up! app
Helpful Links
Parents' Guide to Student Success - 4th Grade

Parent's Backpack Guide to Common Core State Standards:

Common Core Information


PBS Parents - Reading & Language

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Common Core State Standards
[PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from https://lc.gcu.edu LoudCloud Systems.
References for Book Recommendations
(Hansen, K., & Ludlow, 2014)
(7 Common core questions, n.d.)
(Parents' guide to student success, 2011)
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