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Oklahoma Times

No description


on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Oklahoma Times

#awesome state #my state
Fun Facts of Oklahoma!!
1: Capitol is Oklahoma City
2:There was a bad bombing in Oklahoma City
3: Population: 3.82 million (28 out of 50)
4: abbreviation OK
5: state flower mistletoe
6: state bird scissor-tailed flycatcher
7: state animal Bison
8: state fish is White bass ( a.k.a sand bass)
9: state game bird is Wild Turkey
10: state motto Labor omnia
vincit (Labor conquers all

Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Oklahoma history
Mary Fallin
Oklahoma Political
The governor of OK is Mary Fallin. Mary was the first woman to be elected for governor in O.K. She has 6 children with "the first gentleman," Wade Chirstensen. She was born December 9th 1954. She was elected for House of Representatives.
Oklahoma Times

Oklahoma Fun location

Frontier City
Frontier City is an amusement park in Oklahoma. There are concerts, shows, and special entertainment! Some of the rides are, Diamondback, Steel
lasso, Tina's tea party, and, Wild West water works. It is an awesome place for you and your family to go!
What's next? Find out #next page!
Oklahoma City bombing
The bordering states are, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, and Missouri. The land is 69,898 square miles. OK is the 20 biggest state. 1,224 square miles of Oklahoma is covered by water.
Oklahoma Geography
Maps of OK

Population map
Topographic map
Economic map
Political map
The Oklahoma City bombing was by a terrorist in downtown
Oklahoma City. Timothy McVeigh was arrested for carrying
a weapon. He and Terry Nichols were proven guilty for
the bombing and Terry was arrested also. He creepily committed
the terrorism EXACTLY 2 years after the Waco, Texas fire.
The bombing was known as the OKBOMB but of course wasn't
ok!!! It was the most destructive act of terrorism until 911!!
There is a memorial that has a chair for each person that died
in the bombing. I know this is history because, it happened in

Oklahoma Economic location
Lasley Peanut farm.
Lasley Family farm grows many Spanish peanuts. It is near Eakly, Oklahoma. You can also get Christmas treats there!!! There is cinnamon crunchy, Peanut cluster, Hot and Spicy, Peanut brittle, and many more!!! You could also get a gift bag for you to give to a friend.
Road Trip Distance
OK city Memorial to Frontier City = 11.2 miles

House of representatives to Lasley Family farm = 79.3 miles
Oklahoma City to WCE= 672 miles

The total road trip distance= 762.5 miles
Hey newspaper readers it's video time!!!
By:Elle Marshall
Awesome right?
I Especially like the bearded dude in the back round
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