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1. Briefly explain the purpose of the NSA and what it does

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Brikken Jensen

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of 1. Briefly explain the purpose of the NSA and what it does

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Discussion #3
How much of this problem lies at fault of the user (us)?

Should we have to monitor ourselves?

Or should we just post or share anything, regardless of who can see it?

How many of you monitor your cyber-footprint?
NSA: National Level

National Security Agency

What is the NSA?
It's an intelligence agency for the U.S. government

Specialize in collecting data from all over the world.
What does it do?
Edward Snowden:
Leaked information was published in
"The Guardian" May 2013.

He revealed how the NSA was collecting
data, bullying companies to hand over
people's personal information.

And that this has been going on without
the public's awareness.

Fled to Hong Kong for awhile, currently
in Russia.

Risked his life, agencies around the world
could be looking for him.

Why he did it...
Discussion #1
NSA: Individual Level
Cartman Video
How do they do it?
Mobile phone GPS location data, Apps downloaded, Text messages sent and recieved, Skype video calls, Online purchases and auction transactions, Financial information, Legal documents, Travel documents, Health records, TV shows watched and recorded, Commuter toll records, Electronic buss passes, Facial recognition data from surveillance cameras, Education records, Arrest records, Driver license information, Web search history, Usernames and passwords
Fiber Optic Splitters
Television channels viewed
Credit card purchases
Where you have been
Where you are going
How much money is in your bank accounts
Search history
Details of every American's Phone History
Call-Detail Records Provided by Telecommunication Companies
1.7 Billion emails every day
"customers' names, street addresses, and other personal information about themselves, along with detailed records of calls they made."
What if it ever gets to be like this?
What can they access?
CBS Lady Clip
Discussion #2
Why might people be fearful of the NSA?

Is the NSA doing a fair job of defending our nation and securing our future? Why or why not?

What do you think the NSA does with the information collected?
NSA & Advertising
How does the NSA use your information with advertising purposes in mind?

What is it's purpose?
How much do you really know?
How much of this problem is the fault of the government?

Do they monitor us too much?

How much of a right does the government have to withhold info from the public?

Should the government be sharing our data with foreign countries?

What is right (or wrong) about what Snowden did?

That data being collected is being misused or shared unnecessarily

NSA rarely has to go to court to lawfully access any information.

NSA has become like sauron - an all seeing evil eye.
If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.
They collect data and decide what actions should take place.

They "collect all available information from all available sources all the time, every time, always" in case something is crucial to a "potential plot"

The NSA collects the digital breadcrumbs that people leave behind on a daily basis

To build up a database of records to protect the U.S.
That "for most Americans, your data is never accessed or viewed by anyone within the US Government unless some future event triggers an inquiry".
The agency claims...
People get upset that internet and phone companies don't tell the public that the NSA can access any of their information.

However, it's classified and to do so would be treasonous.

Companies have been trying to warn clients, but the government limits their abilities.
What about the companies?
And that they "do not target the content of U.S. person communications without a specific warrant anywhere on the earth".
NSA Whistleblower
It's been revealed recently that the NSA has been disclosing this private information to intelligence partners, such as Israel, in raw form
He took a stand to point out that information collection is being abused

Companies Can Buy Your Information!
According to the Financial Times, "companies are able to purchase basic details about you, such as gender and where you live, for as little as $0.0005 per person, or about 50 cents per 1,000 people.

Companies can browse your purchase history and send you coupons for products they think you might be interested in.
Predictive Modeling
How much of this is true?
Core Values
Lawfullness, Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, Fairness, Loyalty, Collaboration, Innovation, Learning
Their Mission:
GOAL 1: Succeeding in Today's Operations - Enable wise policymaking, effective national security action, and U.S. freedom of action in cyberspace by exploiting foreign use of electronic signals and systems and securing information systems used by the U.S. and its allies, while protecting privacy and civil liberties.

GOAL 2: Preparing for the Future - Deliver next generation capabilities and solutions that meet the challenges of tomorrow and drive solutions from invention to operation in support of national security and U.S. Government missions.

GOAL 3: Enhancing and Leading an Expert Workforce - Attract, develop and engage an exceptional, diverse workforce prepared to overcome our cryptologic challenges.

GOAL 4: Implementing Best Business Practices - Provide timely data to inform optimal strategic and tactical investment decisions while ensuring organizational accountability for executing those decisions and realizing the associated performance improvement.

GOAL 5: Manifesting Principled Performance - Accomplishing our missions with a commitment to a principled and steadfast approach to performance through compliance, lawfulness, and protection of public trust must be paramount.
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