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Interview with the Vampire

No description

Joanna Janiszewska

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Interview with the Vampire

"Interview with the Vampire" by Ann Rice and Neil Jordan Joanna Janiszewska dfdf NARRATION THEMES CHARACTERS Spark SETTING PLOT Plot in the book
plot in the film 2. Luis blames himself of his brother's death 3. Meeting with Lestat 4. Move to New Orleans 5. Changing Claudia into a vampire 6. Claudia kills Lestat 7. Lestat is killed again 8. Luis and Claudia found Armand's Theatre
in Paris 9. Changing Madeleine into a vampire, Claudia and Madeleine died 1. Luis decides to give an interview 10. Luis stays with Armand 11. Luis cannot find his place on earth, move back to New Orleans 12. An interviewer wants to find back Lestat to become a vampire Narration in the book = narration in the film First person narration Luis tells about his life as a vampire Third person narration When the narrator describes the details of the interview Daniel Molloy Luis blames himself of his wife and doughter death Lestat is without his father Claudia in the movie is older In the film there is nothing about creatures from the Eastern Europe In the book for a few years Lestat changed him into a vampire "The boy" Daniel Molloy Louis de Pointe du Lac Lestat de Lioncourt Claudia Armand ... small New concept of a vampire Friendship Looking for a place to live Love Pedophilia Bisexualism Real life of a vampire People problems Religion Depression Death 1. Barlow, Amy. “Drink my blood and you will live forever.” Hack writers. November 2005.
<http://www.hackwriters.com/vampireint.htm> (16 October 2012). 3. Sullivan. “Nowe oblicze wampira.” Film web. 27 July 2005.
<http://www.filmweb.pl/user/sullivan/reviews/Nowe+oblicze+wampira-2313> (16 October 2012). 2. Staffer, Heidi. “Book vs. movie. Interview with the vampire.” Open book society. 3 September 2011.<http://openbooksociety.com/article/book-vs-movie-interview-with-the-vampire/> (16 October 2012). BIBLIOGRAPHY: THE END
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