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Digital Forensics and Occupational Fraud

No description

Debra Andrews

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Digital Forensics and Occupational Fraud

October 2, 2012 Digital Forensics and Occupational Fraud Wasted time at work Misappropriation of assets Organizations are under constant
attack from employees! Theft of knowledge and information Theft of clients and customers Available on Amazon... What really happens when a file gets deleted? So, how do we
get files back? Case Studies Sneaky Salesman Angry Employee Divorcees' "Dirty Laundry" In Divorce cases, Hard Drive Imaging has uncovered... Data Mining! Hard Drive Imaging! So, what should a client do if they suspect employee misconduct? Nothing! Nada! Zilch! Don't Touch! You'll mess up the hash total, making things harder! Do these tools invade privacy? You'll have to tell us... And just one final tip... Don't accept scanned receipts... They aren't always what they seem! www.expenseasteak.com Case Studies Long-time partner
leaves the firm. Shortly after, top salesman starts acting "peculiar." Hard Drive imaging reveals emails between the two... And a shady plot to steal clients away! Both parties had a
non-compete covenant! Emails to future spouses. Hidden Assets. Bank Account numbers in password-protected files. Address Correlation. Checks dated on weekends. Binford's Law. Cached
Screen Shots A Tale of
Two Controllers Unskilled + Innocent Corrupt + Captured Why Hard Drive
Imaging? Can't we just make copies?
Meta Data "M - A - C"
Can't change ANYTHING
Hash Totals ? Thanks for listening!
Questions? Binford's Law in Action $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 ? Emails and a disgruntled employee... What are her intentions?
Is she planning to steal?
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