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The Necklace

A full-length film adaptation of the short story The Necklace.

Emily Hart

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of The Necklace

The Necklace Synopsis Cinematic Elements what must be kept what must be cut additions and changes decription of characters Application of themes Storyboard Trailer Interior: Still camera, close up of thief dailing phone
Low lighting 1 2 Medium shot of the thief's side, still making sure the necklace is in shot
Low lighting- one light shining above the thief's head 3 4 5 6 7 low lighting, but necklace sparkling in light
ringing tone of the thief's phone heard in the background Brighter lighting, phone shaking in man's hand
ringing heard on the man's phone Same lighting, puts phone up to his ear and says "Hello?" MS; low-lighting; "What would you do to get your necklace back?" in dark, hidden voice Brighter lighting; MS; Man looks worried and fretting (doesn't know what to do); then black out Zoom out and pan around pan and zoom in to necklace Flash to man's phone Zoom out to rack focus Flash to thief Fade to man Story of a lowly wife and her husband

Main plot line:
Wife gets necklace from rich woman
Works to get the necklace back
Struggles in the end Story is 10 years long

Couple giving Madam Forester another necklace

Short story to begin with, not much cutting Names of the main characters

Adding a thief- necklace is stolen, not lost

Chase scenes instead of working to pay off debt

Madam Forester dies instead of living

Adding a lawyer- audience finds out the necklace is fake from her will Mathilde Loisel is a poor wife of a lowly clerk
They live a modest, comfortable lifestyle
Mathilde does not like her social status
Wants a more extravagent life with material possessions
One day, the couple gets an invitation to a fancy party
Mathilde is angry that she has nothing to wear
Husband gives her money to get a nice dress
She is not satisfied because she has no jewelry
She ends up borrowing a beautiful necklace from Madam Forester
She goes to the ball and is the center of attention
After getting a cab, the couple realizes the necklace is gone
Search for the bnecklace without any success
Decide to take out a huge loan and buy another matching necklace
Remain in poverty the next 10 years, constantly working odd jobs to pay off their debt
They finally are debt-free, but they are tired and older
Mathilde comes across Madam Forester and tells her the whole truth
Madam Forester tells her that the necklace was not real or worth any money
The couple realizes that all of their work was for nothing Thief (no name)
Person (unknown gender) who recently got out of jail
dresses in dark clothes/hoodie to appear mysterious
we cannot see her face to determine her identity
creates suspense in film Close Up
Lighting (shadows)
Nondiegetic Sound
Rack Focus
Zoom In
Angles (High and Low) Maria (Anne Hathaway)
Looks nice because she is obsessed with beauty
Only happy with superficial and material things
Disappointed by her economic status

Madame Forestier (Bonnie Hunt)
Dresses in expensive clothes to show off her wealth Owns a lot of jewels because she can easily afford them
Tom (Matt Damon)
Acts stressed and worried because he has little money
Wants his wife to be happy with their life
Lawyer (Josh Lucas)
Helps the Loisels figure out what is due to them in Madame Forestier’s will Responsibility

Downfall of Materialism Husband vs. Wife
Beauty as Happiness Accepting Consequences
Doing the Right Thing
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