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Data Dashboard Information Session

No description

Rhonda Isley

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Data Dashboard Information Session

Data Dashboard
Plan 2011-2012 SY Summer 2012 Fall 2012 EOY 2013 Need for:
Living document
User Friendly Access

For purpose of:
More data informed
Measurement with other schools

Exploratory conversations
Initial contacts

What Would It Take?
Identify metrics
Identify method of analysis
Identify like schools for participation
Identify our needs versus that of other schools

Launch of
Collaborative Dashboard Participating Schools: AIS-Riyadh
Kaust-Saudi Arabia
Walworth Barbour-AIS
AES-New Delhi
ACS-Abu Dhabi
ACS-Amman Next Couple Months Collaborating thru Wiki
Thoughtful about:
which metrics to share
method of analysis-
long distance collaborating...slow..
organizing one day meeting

Interactive Help and Notes. Ability to print screen for offline discussions.
Click tabs to change the view and formatting of the data Finance
See current year snapshots and click a segment to see historical trends for that segment. Click tabs to see more details Admissions
Most any Admissions metrics can be displayed here Standardized Testing 1
Compare specific grades over time or cohorts during their time at your school
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