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Flipping the Classroom

No description

on 28 July 2016

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Transcript of Flipping the Classroom

Flipping the Classroom

So how does it work?
Well, there really isn't one answer to that question.

Commonly students view a few short lectures. Quizzes or questions could be interspersed to check for understanding.

In class, there may be discussion or a time to practice and show what they've learned.
Requires extensive preparation
-recording lectures take time
-all elements must be carefully integrated

May require new skills

Students may complain about the loss of in class lectures

May skip class that focuses on activities which is when flip loses value

Lack of equipment and access
What is it?
Model where lecture and homework elements are reversed

video lectures viewed by students at home and in class time is used for discussions and projects

lectures made by instructors or selected from online collection

could be a podcast or other audio as well
Active learning
Student engagement
hybrid course design

What should I be doing as the instructor?
Suggest approaches
Clarify content
Monitor progress
Organize work groups

However, it is customizable so you, as an educator, can choose aspects that fit YOUR class!
Why it works
Puts students in control of the lecture
-They can be stopped and viewed as many times as necessary

Giving the class time to application can help better detect misconceptions and errors

Collaborative projects encourage social interaction
-allows them to learn from each other
-support peers of varying skill levels
What about the teacher?
In this model, educators act more as guides or advisors that get students involved in collaboration and inquiry
Tech makes it possible
Katie Freer
Repurpose class time into a workshop where students can:
-inquire about content
-apply their knowledge
-test skills
-collaborate with peers on projects
More collaborative and cooperative teaching process

Puts more responsibility for learning on the students

More chance for students to experiment

Shift from covering material to working toward mastery
This shows the breakdown of the significance of the classroom flip
This graphics shows how constructivist approaches truly benefit the students
Flipping and Differentiation
By moving some beginning learning goals outside the classroom, teachers can immediately get their students into "right size" activities.

Draw upon the individual learning on their self-paced path and then work with others to get to the endpoint.

How to do "Fliperentiation"
Make questions for the unit

Identify understandings

Segment learning into online and in class

Plan authentic assessment

Plan for varying learner levels

Plan deep content activities for students to demonstrate their learning
Teachers in "Fliperentiation"
Facilitate small group discussion
Provide direct support to struggling student
Conduct activity with high performing team

Learners are front and center

Emphasis on observing, questioning and analyzing student learning
Check out this video on flipped classrooms
TED Talk about how a teacher implemented flipped classrooms
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