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Marketing Project: Buffalo Zoo

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halie jost

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Project: Buffalo Zoo

ANALYSIS Summary The Buffalo Zoo was founded in 1875 and developed into the Zoo we recognize by 1930. As a wealthy town in 1930, people donated various animals and funds to support the zoo. Buffalo was one of the major manufacturing cities during this time period so it had a great population and people liked to be involved with their community.

The Zoological Society of Buffalo was created in 1931 and from 1973-present
has had full responsibility of the zoo.

The zoo currently has local sponsors that support it as well as conservation efforts. These include Coke, NOCO, and Fisher price along with many others. Summary The prices range between adult, children, and student but are all moderately priced.
Zoo Club Memberships are offered to frequent visitors which, this includes early entrance, discounts on all merchandise, and .
Events are held seasonally throughout the year for children and consist of camps, clubs, and school programs.
There are various advertisements for the Buffalo Zoo around the city.
This includes billboards, flyers, and social media (@buffalozoo) ZOO HISTORY Founded in 1875, the Buffalo Zoo is the third oldest zoo in the United States. The Zoo welcomes approximately 400,000 visitors each year and is the second largest tourist attraction in Western New York, second only to Niagara Falls.

It's located on 23 acres of Buffalo’s Delaware Park, the Zoo exhibits a wide variety of wild and exotic animals and more than 320 different species of plants. Open year-round, the Zoo is an enjoyable activity during any weather conditions. MISSION STATEMENT “The Buffalo Zoological Gardens is the third oldest institution of its kind in the United States. The Zoo's mission is to provide the general public with an educationally, culturally and recreationally significant community resource. This is accomplished through the advancement and encouragement of the science of zoology, through the conservation of the world's wildlife and through the innovative exhibition of diverse species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.” SWOT ANALYSIS Social Factors :

The Buffalo Zoo is an attraction that tailors to the family lifestyle. A place
where families can socialize and interact with other people and animals. People thrive of social interaction, and the Zoo is the perfect spot for this.

The zoo also takes advantage of societies need to social interact by creating events and gatherings for different types of people. SWOT Demographics:
Appeals to younger children and families.

Buffalo, being such a culturally diverse city, is an area full of families with young children. The zoo is a great place for child and family development, and is perfect for the family demographic

Early Generation Years (born between 1979 and 1994) are a target market for the Zoo.

The Buffalo Zoo appeals to this demographic group because they have an income, a career and young children. The Buffalo Zoo is primarily popular among children ages 1-8 and adults 30-40. It also attracts multiple races and ethnicities. SWOT Location:

Only 10 minutes across the border so it attracts people who live in Buffalo as well as those who live in Canada.

Its location makes it easy to find and being located in a popular park makes it convenient and accessible.

Technological Advancements:
-Recently, the Buffalo zoo has created a state of the art African Watering Hole, designed to recreate a real life African Ecosystem. This is one of very few zoos in the world, which contain this type of exhibit.
-Also, with their new Polar Bear named Luna the Zoo has adapted different technologies to support the growth of Luna. The expense of buying Luna was not just her, herself but also the technologies to support her growth. SWOT - Economic

After the impact of the recent economic downturn, many local businesses in Buffalo were hit hard. The zoo however managed to relieve some of the economic pressures on visitors. To do this they provide package deals and lower more reasonable prices to accommodate those who have been affected by the recession. These features in the end allows a more enjoyable and affordable experience for the residents of Buffalo.

However is the lack of spending power young children have acts as a weakness. Seeing as this is one of the biggest target markets of the zoo, this poses a problem. The Zoo must adapt to influence the parents decision making on how to spend their money on their children. By making it an educational activity, this entices parents to visit the zoo with parents MICRO-ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS Buffalo Zoo Image:
The Buffalo Zoo’s image is known for being the third oldest zoo in the United States.
Zoo welcomes more than 400,000 visitors and is the one of the most popular tourist attractions in Western New York.
Located on 23 acres of Delaware Park, the Buffalo Zoo houses approximately 1,000 endangered and exotic animals and offers visitors a variety of events and educational programs year-round.
It exhibits animals and plants in naturalistic settings that represent their native habitats. Employees Well trained and knowledgeable people, who understand the importance of the animals as well as the importance of its customers

Animal Handlers are highly qualified as certified Zoologists

Hard working, have a desire to be a part of a winning team, and are always caring, friendly and outgoing

Well motivated and focused on goals set by Board of Directors

Held to the highest standards of Health and Safety Code to ensure the highest performance of the already prestigious ZOO conduct. TARGET MARKET MARKET SEGMENTATION Geographic Segmentation: Segmenting markets by region of a country or the world, market size, market density, or Climate. FAMILY LIFE CYCLE This is a series of stages determined by the combination of age, marital status, and the presence or absence of children. AGE SEGMENTATION Is an important tool, as a brief exploration of the market potential of several age segments illustrates. Profile of Key Segments Young married/ divorced with children: Homing purchasing at peak, dissatisfied with financial position and amount saved. Interested in new and advertise products.

Middle-aged married/divorced with or without children: Financial position is better, some children have jobs. They are hard to influence with advertising.

Middle-aged married/divorced without dependent children: most satisfied with financial position and money saved. They are interested in travel and recreation. Not interested in new products.

Young married/divorced without children: better off financially than they will in the near future. High purchasing power.

Tweens: American tweens (8 to 12) are a population of more than 20 million.

Teens: between the age of 13-17. There are approximately 25million teens in the United States.

Generation Y: includes those born between 1979 and 1994. This group also has a formidable purchasing power.

Generation X: group that are born after the baby boomers. Members of Generation X tend to be disloyal to brands and skeptical of big business. Summary of the Market The target market of the Buffalo Zoo as seen from the above charts, our target market, our targets demographic as shown in the chart are tweens, teens and Generation Y. This demographic will be further targeted to the geographic areas of Western New York Region (Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse) and Canada. An additional target will be young, married or divorced individuals without kids, as this group has a high purchasing power. Middle-aged, married or divorced individuals with kids are a good target because their kids are interested in recreational activities that will attract them to the zoo. The zoo provides a recreational facility, as well as a center for education for children. DONORS Run by a Board of Directors who keeps management in line so that they are running the business in a way that will maximize shareholders investments in the company. The zoo is able to raise money to pay for these things through paying customers and donations made by individuals and groups The zoo breaks up their donors into different classes based on how much you donate Dart Frog: 1-124
Gorilla Giver: 125-249
Condor Contributor: 250-499 Needs

The target market, needs to have a wide variety of animals in display. They also need to have food stands where they can get food and drinks while moving around the zoo as its big and tiring.

Wants (needs shaped by situation)

The target market would desire to have to have activities with the animals and come close to them.

Demands (wants backed up by purchasing power)

Target market would want to have gift items from the zoo of their favorite animals which they would be able to purchase from the zoo shops. Also we can produce t-shirts, cups, pens and lots more to be able to meets their needs. Benefits Sought
By Selected Targets Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Partners Partners 1. (Ad agencies, Printing Companies)- SKM group is responsible for both online and printing physical advertisements

2. Financial (Banks etc.)- First Niagara

3. Media (Press, Radio, TV)- Time Warner Cable- at&t

4. Government (Police, Streets, Public Works, Permits, Tariffs)- Buffalo Police Partners 5. Local Groups (neighborhood)
Perry’s Ice cream The Service and What it Offers The zoo offers multiple benefits for visiting customers including: watching the exotic animals, providing an educational tool and even a fun way to exercise.

Outstanding Service: “Use the importance of water as a thematic focus, tying together exhibits and narrative to create a cohesive learning experience for visitors, Offers engaging walk-through exhibits, Provides enriched naturalistic habitats for more animals, Preserve and adaptively reuse historic structures, Features indoor habitats to promote winter attendance, Help sustain scientific research and breeding programs, Maximize education programs, Provide high-quality visitor amenities.” Actual Service: Overall Experience The Buffalo Zoo offers a wide variety of animals to the public’s viewing including reptiles, birds and mammals.

Quality- covers 23.5 acres and filled with outdoor and indoor animal exhibits.

Design- Map next slide Overall Experience Continued Features
The rain forest exhibit is possibly the most well known features of the entire zoo. The zoo also provides a list of other possible features to their customer including yoga, birthday parties, workshops, personal tours, seasonal nature camps and a petting zoo.

The zoo tries to be viewed by the public as a fun place for family and friends to spend their day together. Factors Influencing
Customer Service Experience Landscape- Shown on the map of the zoo.

Contact Personnel- Located on the web site is a phone number, fax number, e mail address, and location address. Continued... Customers play a big role in the zoo experience of others. The zoo tries to provide customers with an open environment so people feel welcome to talk to one another about their experiences. The Buffalo zoo meets the high standards set out by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), 10% of USDA licensed wildlife exhibits are accredited by the AZA including the Buffalo zoo. Expected Service at the Zoo Expected Service- Visitors are positive they will have a great experience due to the many different exhibits made available. Augmented Service Augmented Service- extra services include: the petting zoo,
seasonal camps, and also teaching seminars. Potential Service The Buffalo zoo can be used for breeding programs to expand wildlife and prevent possible extinction. Ansoff's Product/Market Expansion Intangability
To provide the customer with a fun filled day watching the various animals and learning all about them. Even though customers are not allowed to touch most of the animals, they hold special events where people can feed the giraffes and watch elephants paint. Search qualities would be searching online for different events that may peak your interest. Another quality that can be measured is the experience quality, which deals with the customers overall satisfaction of their visit. Inseparability Inseparability can be easily measured because by not physically attending the zoo, the customer cannot fully experience all the different exhibits and animals. The zoo tries to work with the community by improving Delaware Park, animal exhibits, customers experience and children’s knowledge about what the zoo has to offer. - Heterogeneity is hard to accomplish at the zoo because families may
have different experiences and may be at the zoo for different reasons. However, the Zoo attempts to provide all visitors with the same experience. The Buffalo Zoo has employee meetings so they are all on the same page with the information being provided to customers along with the service and care.- The employees can help customers by talking to them and helping them locate certain exhibits, providing interesting facts or simply answering any questions they may have.- Due to this people may choose to come back to the Buffalo Zoo versus other zoos because of experience with specific employees, so this is important. Heterogeneity Perishability Perishability is difficult because more people regularly visit the zoo in the summer. Therefore, the zoo loses many days throughout the year due to the winter time conditions. The zoo can also only keep animals in their exhibits for a certain amount of time. As an example, the polar bear who is currently housed at the zoo will only remain there for a limited amount of time.- The zoo also came up with ways to attract customers by providing holiday events. Product or Service 4 Service Marketing Problems Place Price Promotion Implementation, Evaluation, and Control A marketing plan is a written document that acts as a guidebook of marketing activities for the marketing manager. In order for a marketing plan to be successful, it must first be implemented. Implementation means that the plan needs to be put into action, and everyone must work accordingly to meet the objectives. Evaluation of the plan is essential to see if the objectives were met; and if they were not met, then to see where the plan failed. Control is the process of taking actions or steps, to bring the desired results and the actual results closer. Conclusion In conclusion, the Buffalo Zoo provides quality service to families in and surrounding the area. Their main focus is to educate children and give them a great experience at the zoo while interacting with them at the same time. They are also driven to make sure their animals receive the best care along with preservation and conservation efforts not only in the Buffalo area but worldwide. They position themselves to families with inexpensive prices to ensure you are getting your money’s worth. The zoo promotes themselves not only with advertisements around the neighborhood but with promotions such as their membership card and coupons for free admission tickets. They are always open to providing fundraisers as well as supporting youth groups. Merchandise is available at the gift shop along with special seasonal/holiday events for kids and students who would like to be further educated in the zoology/biology field. Lastly, they are always willing to give back to the community for those who need it, and are always accepting volunteer work and constant help from donations to care for the animals and keep the zoo alive and running. The Buffalo Zoo would be the ideal place to bring your family for a day of fun, adventure, and learning. 4 Service Marketing Problems Price 10 11 12 Place -300 Parkside AvenueBuffalo, NY 14214-1999 Phone: (716)837-3900-

-Located in an area containing mixed race and ethnic families with a low to middle class income. The zoo thrives on these customers because it is a cheap but fun experience for families such as these. Price Adults $10
Seniors $8
Students $8
Children $7
2 & Under FREE Promotion Tool Kit Public Relations
special programs such as workshops, tours, and ways to volunteer and become involved

Advertising for this business is done through mail, email, Facebook (and other social networking sites), The Buffalo Zoo Website, Brochures, TV, Radio, and more

Sales Promotion
Group Rates include a discount for groups of 10 or more, Students get a

Discount rate, Children and Seniors pay a lower price, and Zoo members get special discounts as well

Personal Selling
Travelling Animals
Direct Marketing
Email, Newsletters, Online Press, Brochures Competitors Regardless of the industry, every business operation will inevitably face competition. The marketing mix, consists of an organizations product, pricing, promotion, and distribution strategies (place.) These elements all work in conjunction with each other, in an effort to differentiate themselves from their competition. Buffalo Zoo also has their merchandise store which has multiple items that range in price.

They do have a place to get food from that is averagely priced. Tool Kit Interactive Marketing- Adopt an Animal Program

Word of Mouth- After having a wonderful experience people tell their family, friends, and
co-workers who then visit the zoo and tell their network of people

Events and Experiences-Breakfast with Santa, Winter Nature Camp, Birthday Parties, Zoo Snooze, Wild Workshops, Birthday Parties, and more

Sponsorships- Noco, Time Warner Cable, Coca Cola, Univera, Perry’s Ice Cream, Sahlen’s, Tops, Buffalo Exterminating, Fisher-Price, Goya, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, First Niagara, AT&T, KATZ Americas, Lamar, 2 Find Your Home, Bimbo, Creditors Interchange, Volkswagen Positioning Statement To Animal Lovers who need a unique experience our Buffalo Zoo is an animal seeking experience that provides education and fun more accessible than The Toronto Zoo, Marine Land, and The African Lion Safari Value Proposition Zoo members receive more for their money when they sign up for a membership they are agreeing to more discounts and special deals and events.

Regular customers are receiving more of an experience for an average rate. Unique Selling Proposition Attract families with young children with a unique experience of interacting with a wide variety of animals Competition 4 P's Product: MarineLand is a themed amusement and animal exhibition park. MarineLand provides its customers with a large variety of both marine and land animals, as well as with several rides, and other attractions.

Place: MarineLand is located in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The falls is a hotbed for tourists, as the area offers several local attractions, such as the Niagara Falls and Clifton Hill. Clifton Hill is a very well developed area, offering tourists with several hotels, shops, and night clubs. 4 P's Promotion
MarineLand is well-known for their catchy commercials on television, which is MarineLand's major method of promotion. The commercials do an excellent job in capturing all that the park has to offer, and also puts major emphasis on their slogan, "Everyone loves MarineLand."
The admission rates for MarineLand are $42.89 for adults, and $35.91 for children ages 5-9. Children under the age of 4, are free of charge. MarineLand also has a FunCard or season pass. After purchasing admission tickets; there is an option to spend an extra $5.00, to return as much as they want, for the remainder of the season.
As it stands, MarineLand only offers group discounts. Which is beneficial to them, as they are well-suited to cater to all types of incoming groups. Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
A strength of MarineLand, compared to the Buffalo Zoo, is its promotion strategy. MarineLand does a better job of advertising their feature benefits, both on their website and on television. Another strength of MarineLand is their prime location, as they are in an area constantly being frequented by tourists. The other attractions in Niagara Falls may also further entice one to take a trip to Niagara Falls, and to make a stop at MarineLand while there.
A weakness of MarineLand is that their rates are significantly higher than the Buffalo Zoo. Although their location is a strength, it can also prove to be a weakness, as some customers lack the identification required to visit Canada. In addition, some people may be unwilling to make the drive out to Niagara Falls, and to deal with the hassle at the border. Competitor's Value Proposition MarineLand is appealing to consumers because of its size and large variety of attractions. MarineLand is very family oriented, as it offers live exhibits of both marine and land species, as well as a full amusement park. The combination of amusement rides and animal exhibits, make MarineLand a popular destination for everyone. Competitor's USP MarineLand’s unique selling proposition is to highlight that it is the largest theme park in Ontario, offering several attractions for everyone. MarineLand puts great emphasis on their Sky Screamer ride, which is the worlds largest triple tower ride. Propelling its riders 450ft up in the air, at speeds upwards of 60mph, while providing one with a breathtaking view of the falls. MarineLand also focuses heavily on their superior killer whale and Beluga whale exhibits. It is essential for MarineLand to sell these features, as they cannot be experienced anywhere else. Implement, Evaluate, Any Questions? Conclusion Polar Bear Patron: 500-999
Bison Benefactor: 1000-1499
Siberian Tiger Sponsor: 1500 and up 6. General Public Coca Cola
Fisher Price

7. Internal Public
- hardworking, honest Memberships Control

Sample Objective: To achieve attendance of at least 1000 guests on April 25th, 2013 by sending a promotional email and creating special events for the target market. This is the day the Zoo was going to name the new addition, the Polar Bear to their family. Also, the naming of the polar bear was determined by vote on this day.

• Specific: “at least 1000 guests on April 25th, by sending emails to target market to help name the new Polar Bear”

• Measurable: “We will know by counting the tickets purchased by customers on April 25th, and by the number of votes for new name”

• Attainable: “Seeing that the zoo acquires around 400,000 visitors/year that averages out to around 1,095 a day. This should be attainable especially for a new special event.”

• Realistic: “1,000 customers is very close to 1,095 which is around their average. Also the special event which society should be a part of should raise awareness and more viewers on this day.”

• Timely: “April 25th: The Zoo could send emails on the 1st, giving the target market and people in close proximity more than enough time to book this day off to show their family this new exotic animal for the Zoo.” SMART
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