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Methods of killing during the Salem Witch Trials.

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Emma Camden

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Methods of killing during the Salem Witch Trials.

Methods of killing during the Salem Witch Trials.
The accused was laid on a flat, solid surface with a board on top of them.
Large rocks were placed one-by-one on the board until the person confessed.
When that person confessed the towns people then continued to add rocks until the suspect stopped breathing.

Allowed a group or a mob of people gather around the accused and continuously hit that person with stones until that person died.
The towns people tied the suspects wrists behind their back and put the rope over a ceiling beam.
Raised the person as far as they could go and drop them.
They would repeat this process until that person's shoulders were dislocated.
The Water Test
A way to prove that women were witches was to tie their arms, and legs together and place them in water.
If they floated, then they were convicted as witches and were killed.
If they sank, they were innocent but they drowned.
Three-quarters of the accused died due to this test.
The Lord's Prayer Test
The accused was made to recite the Lord's Prayer without any errors.
If the accused stumbled or messed up at all they were killed by crushing or were forced to eat fungus covered rye bread, which caused them to get food poisoning and die.

October 28, 2014 A History of Violence: Torture and
Death for Accused Witches, Torture and Death for Accused Witches.
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