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Global Warming

This is my presentation about global warming

Ben Everett

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Global Warming

Why I think global warming is NOT an imminent threat. Global Warming is a natural process.
In the age of the dinosaurs everything
was tropical but then there was the ice
age. Our world is still trying to heat up
from the ice age and return to its original
tropic state. That explains why the world
is heating so there is nothing to pull
your hair out about.
Even though I think global warming is not an imminent threat. I still think it is important to cut down on co2 emmisions on the earth so our future generations will be able to see the animals and plants that we see today. Co2 thickens our atmosphere but all living creatures need carbon to survive. Animals eat carbon and then it comes out the other end. Plants take in the carbon that we breath out and convert into oxygen so we can breath it in again and it keeps on repeating. People that say yes to global
warming listen to the drama
that scientist put into it. Stuff
like "we are all going to die"
is NOT true its all a natural
process for the earth to heat
and cool as I explained earlier
I think global Warming is not
an imminent threat because of
these facts. 1: the ice age facts
that I explained earlier. 2:there is
a greenhouse effect but it is mostly
caused by water vapor. 3: Glaciers in Greenland have actually been thickining not melting. 4: Level of co2 have been increasing and decreasing over the years because of a natural process.
The End. By: Ben Everett
I hope you enjoyed my
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