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NTU Enterprise Architecture

This is a presentation on NTU Enterprise Architecture

Terk-Meng Ng

on 12 October 2009

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Transcript of NTU Enterprise Architecture

To provide world class IT services in making NTU a great global university Business Application Suites Student
System Graduate Student Management System Human Resource Information System Financial Management System School Information System Facility & Resource Management System Library & Portal End-User Services eServices Staff Undergraduate Graduate Student Alumni Management Student
Information Course
Registration Scholarship/
Aid Global
Programme Attachment Student
Management Hostel
Management NTU Enterprise Architecture Admission
Acceptance Examination

Admission & Acceptance Matriculation/ Course Registration Student Administration Examination & Graduation DIY eServices Career Services School Administration

Recruitment & Appointment Staff Records Management Performance Management & Rewards Productivity Improvement Systems Self Service System Staff Development and Training Benefits Management Management Decision Support

Curriculum Administrative Management Salary Related Services Staff Claim Services Financial Services DIY eServices Administration Career Services Publication & Collaboration Library Services Portal Services Facilities Booking Services IT Request Facilities Administration Facilities Resources Request eMarket Place System & Network Intrastructure Databases

Academic Services Attachment/ Exchange Services Administrative Matters Financial Assistance/ Scholarship Facilities Booking & Requests Career & Market Place Others

Academic Financial IT Services General Services

HR Services Training & Development Services Financial Services Facility Booking & Resoure Request Academic Services Directory Services Market Place Personal Portal Services Research Resource Request Management Dashboard Vision To empower all individuals and businesses in the university with strategic, innovative and productive IT services to maximize their potential Mission

Sale of Used Computer to Staff/Student Staff/Student Used Computer Sale Staff/Student Used Equipment/Furniture Sale Sale of Used Equipment/Furniture to Staff/Student Sale of used item to external vendors Enbloc Sale Library Request Forms It enables staff to request for library servers eg. book reservation, photocopying, etc. Library Management System Comprises of different modules: Circulation, Acquisitions, Cataloging, Report NTU Public Portal NTU public portal, Schools and Department portal Intranet (Staff, Student, Alumni) portal Campus Publishing - ENewsReader Search engine askNTU An integrated FAQ system across the University. Events Calendar NTU Events Calendar that records all events and activities happening in NTU. Campus Map Campus map of NTU. myNTU Portal Support on the use of myNTU Personal Portal, myLinks, myTeamsite, myWebstore, search engine Campus Content Publishing for News and Events News subscription, publishing of news/events. eNewsletter Campus Buzz, @NTU, ClassAct, IT Connects, ... e-Card Gallery Provide 5 festive seasons ecards, namely, Lunar New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya, Christmas and Graduation Lecture Theatres, Tutorial Room, Laborartory Booking System Manages the booking of lecture theatres, tutorial room, seminar, laborartory. Sports Facilities Booking System Manages the booking of sports facility, eg badminton court, tennis court, etc. One North Facility Booking System Manages the booking of One North facilities. Nanyang Executive Centre (NEC) Booking System Manages the booking of Nanyang Executive Centre (NEC). Nanyang Auditorium Booking System Manages the booking of Nanyang Auditorium Pavilion and Canopy Booking System Manages the booking of Pavion and Canopy areas. Hall Facilities Booking System Allows students to book facilities available from the hall. Ie. fucntion room, dance room, etc. University Vehicles Booking System Manages the booking of university cars and vans. Staff Bungalow System Manages staff bungalow booking and collection. Staff Recreation Club (SRC) Yunnan Corner Booking System Manages the booking of Yunnan Corner. Graduate Student Repair Request System NIE Staff Work Request System NIE Staff Quarter Work Request System Car Park Tax Faults Report Management System Hostel Work Request System
Staff Work Request System Telephone Services iPhoneNet Telephone System NTU/NIE Standard Furniture System A - Z Website Directory Listing of websites created by staff & students Expert Directory System Directory listing meant for media to look for staff in specific area of expertise Furniture Management System Student Club Email Management System Service Claim Management System Student IT Background Survey Student Club Website Management System Telephone Directory System PC & Notebook Requisition System Oracle Authorisation System Firewall port opening for remote VPN server Additional Quota for staff and Student Staff/Student Password Reset Using Short Message System Application for part-time tutor Computer Account Network Points Requisition System Staff/Student Mailing List Ownership Application System Open Internet Firewall Ports for Intranet Servers Technical Support/ Standby During Events Application for Staff Computer Account Account Database ADMIN System Access Application System Application for DMZ Access Simple Mail Transmission Protocol (SMTP) Mail Relay System Contact Database for Alumni Updating of Particulars (personal, working experience, email NBSAA Online Membership/ Directory/ Admin Service that allow NBS alumni office to maintain NBS Alumni Association information / membership Email Forwarding / Life-long email account Manages the application of Email Forwarding and Life-long email account services. Discussion Forum (English / Chinese) A discussion forum in English and Chinese to faciliate collaboration and communication and provide feedback among alumni and AAO Donations Class Gift, Seed Funds, Endowment Funds, Programme Funds iGift Pledge donation and giving to NTU online iShop Allow alumni to purchase online for NTU memorabilia items Nanyang Alumni eNewsletter (ClassAct) An online newsletter for Alumni Nanyang eForums An online forum for Alumni Alumni eCards Sending Personalized Birthday Greeting Cards, Season Greeting Cards to Alumni The Raisers Edge System Enable AAO/DO to manage Alumni/Donor MBA Alumni System Alumni System for MBA graduates NBS Alumni System Enable NBS to manage NBS Alumni AAO Alumni System Enable AAO to manage Alumni CareerMall Allow graduate/final year student to seek employment, while employer can post available places Graduate Employment Survey Survey and generate statistics and report of Graduate Employment Mentor Link System Allow graduate to provide mentoring service to graduating students Equipment Write-Off (Board of Survey) system For authorised fixed asset operators to submit request to write off or transfer of assets. Electronic Remittance Advice System (ERAS) Allows staffs to access Remittance Advice online Tender Database Maintain Tender Records and Printing Letters of Award, Acceptance and Rejections to Tenderers SAP Comprises of different modules: Account payable/receivable, Fund Management,Purchasing, Fixed Asset, Controlling and Project Systems. There is also a customised module Point-of-sales system that was developed to do counter collections. SAP Project Statement Facilitate School Principal Investigators to view project statement/expenditures Goverment Electronic Business (GEBIZ) Faciliate the interfaces between Goverment Electronic Business (GEBIZ) and SAP for PO/GR/Supplier master/Good Receipts/Fund commitment Transparent Costing Model (Activity Base Costing) For internal cost management and reporting to the Ministry of Education eManagement Accounting System This system enable the university to monitor the actual full costs of each programmes/activities. E-Claims (Transport, Meal, Conference Claim) Reimbursement of meal expenses incurred in recruitment of faculty; Process on-line submission for overseas conference claims/overseas trips/recruitment made by staff. Allow Finance to compute flight insurance for trips made Salary Enquiry (EPAS) Allow staff members to view Salary related information, YTD pay, form 8E EOM Projection System Generate monthly projection on EOM budget utilization EOM Allocation System This system allows Deans/Chair of schools/ Heads of the departments to allocate Staff EOM. The data is used for interfacing EOM cost allocation from Payroll system to SAP Staff Recreation Club (Salary Deduction) For staff to submit salary deduction and cessation requests for SRC ordinary and associate membership. Also used by FIN to print report of approved requests for processing at payroll system Pay Register for Project/Centre Account Allow authorised users to generate consolidated payslip for respective Project / centre account Payroll System/One Data Source Comprises of different submodules such as payroll, medical benefits, utilities & rental, access control etc. For performing jobs like monthly payroll, processing of allowance/deduction, CPFline and mediline, month-end housekeeping and printing of reports, just to name a few Staff Quarter Rental and PUB Bill Enquiry system Allow staff who stay at NTU quarter to view their PUB Bill online Salary Deduction System (Car Park/NTU Fund/Donation) For staff to submit salary deduction and cessation requests for carpark booking, NTU fund and Community Chest donations. Used by relevant administrative officers at OFPM and AEO to approve or reject the requests and to print summary reports. Also used by FIN to print report of approved requests for processing at payroll system Undergraduate Information System For school admin staff to access undergrad information and generate reports Graduate Student Information System For school admin staff to access graduate student information and generate reports Research Information Management System This system comprises Research Information Module and Research Fund Application Module Teaching Workload Scheduling System For school managment to plan and monitor faculty's teaching workload Project Work Management Support the management of project work programmes' administration. It includes modules for project proposal, selection, allocation, course registration and assessment.

The project work programmes supported by this system are:
- Final Year Project (FYP)
- Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus (URECA)
- Engineering lnnovation and Design (EID)
- Design & Innovation Project (DIP)
- Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programme (UROP) Specialisation Selection Support the specialisation selection exercise for students in their senior years (3rd or 4th) to select their Final Year Option/ Specialisation/ Division. After the students selection, the system automatically allocate the specialisation based on the allocation algorithem set by respective schools. Afterwhich the system transfer the result to OAS registration database. Feedback on Teaching For schools to gather feedback on undergraduate and graduate course. There is also a module for students to vote for best teachers in their schools Academic Mentoring System Support schools in CoE in managing their Acad Mentoring programme. It allows school administrators to assign students to their mentors and mentors to update mentoring notes in the system E-Learning Admin System Comprises a web application and a snapshot file generation module. The web application is to allow school administrators to create course and enrolment information. The snapshot generation program generates the necessary snapshot files which are sent to to Centre for Educational Development (CED) Blackboard Server twice daily to synchronise the course and enrolment data. Media Resource Booking Facilitate booking of equipment and audio/video rooms Equipment Booking Facilitate booking of the specialised equipment rooms Laboratory Booking Faciliate booking of laboratories for makeup lessons or other purposes Small Asset Management For departments to maintain information of assets that are less then $2000 eStore Facilitate research staff and students in purchasing of consumables, lab experiement kits etc with their research grant Software Inventory Management Manage the inventory of software for licensing, loans, etc Central Purchasing Manage the information of small purchases Applicant Records System This system allows OHR to manage applicant records and generate offer letters. It has a module to facilitate the security screening process for submission of names to CRO and ISD New Staff Triggering System This system sends welcome email to new staff, the email includes link to staff portal It sends email to activate various processess for new staff, CITS to create email account Dean/Chair Information System Allows Dean/Chair to prepare salary proposal forms for faculty Recruitment System This system allows applicants to apply via internet for openings in NTU. It includes facilities for data capture and later to populate to staff database, shortlisting, reports, letters generating etc with no more requirements for data input form Staff Record System Staff Confirmation System Long Service Award System Contract Renewal System Part-Time Staff Record System Adjunct Faculty Report System
New Service Scheme System Staff Card Printing System This system is for OHR to maintain all core records of NTU staff. Eg. Staff particulars, relative info, concurrent appoint, Directorship, staff movements, nopay leave, part-time, etc This system allows OHR/Deans/HOD to process staff confirmation online This system facilitates OHR to generate lists of long service awards (10/15/20/25/30/35 years) and the letters This system converts the current PC based part-time staff records to Oracle database. It allows OHR to maintain part-time staff records, generate letters and view their teaching hours This system allows Deans, Chairs and Heads of Divisions to submit Reports on Adjunct Faculty Members online. Provost, Deans and Chairs will indicate through these reports whether they recommend contract renewal for their adjunct faculty members This system facilitates OHR to print staff cards This system allows supervisors/PI/HOD/Chair to process research staff contract renewal online This system is to convert all staff service schemes to new service schemes after NTU corporatisation Staff Appraisal Rating System Staff Annual Increment & Performance Bonus (AIPB) System E-notification of Salary Adjustment/Performance Bonus Awards Annual Increment & Performance Bonus (AIPB) System (Research) Staff Promotion System Salary Review/Promotion System
Faculty Peer Review System Performance Bonus System This system allows Deans/Heads of schools and Heads of the departments, Counter-Signing Officers and Reporting Officers to enter appraisal ratings for Acad/Admin/Non Aacad Staff This system allows Deans of Schools/Heads of Depts to enter salary decision, Performance Bonus for Staff This system allows all staff to view their annual salary adjustment and Performance bonus The system allows Heads of dept to submit promotion proposals to OHR This system allows OHR/HOD to enter salary adjustment decisions/promotion decision This system allows OHR/HOD to enter PB amount This system allows PI/HOD/Chair to enter Annual Increment and Performance Bonus (AIPB) decision online This system allows faculty to appraise colleagues research work Faculty CV Uploading System This system allows faculty to load in the CV based on format given by OHR Appraisal Ratings System (Research) This system allows Supervisors/Principal Investigator/Head of Department/Chair to enter apprasial ratings online Asset Tracking System This system keeps track of assets held by staff. Resignation notification is triggered by system to alert departments of staff leaving service. System helps FIN to generate Liability Statement File Control System This system maintains registry of P-files and subject files and tracks movement of these files in OHR SSS/WIT System This system allows all staff to submit SSS to their department online and maintain WITs membership Serial Numbering of Documents This system generates serial numbers for OHR documents File control System (digitisation version) Digitisation on hard copy/online search Tie in with ECM (Enterprise Content Management) OHR Meeting Room Booking/ Advertisement Tracking System This system allows OHR staff to book their OHR meeting room and track advertisments for recruitment Personal Data System (PDS) This system allows staff to maintain/enquire selected personal particulars online Online Resignation System This system allows staff to submit resignation notification online Letter of Gurantee (LOG) System Request for Letter of Guarantee from Office of Finance for hospitalisation Training Management System (TMS) This system allows all staff to apply for external courses/seminar, fill in SLI forms online CITS Course Enrolment System This system allows all staff to view the CITS course schedules and apply for them online Oversea Conference Leave System This system allows faculty/research staff to apply for overseas conference leave Staff Training System This system allows OHR to maintain staff training records not kept in TMS, eg examiniation leave, OJT, in-house training Staff Development /Unrecorded Leave System The system captures faculty development leave/unrecorded leave information Local Conference System This system allows OHR to maintain faculty local conference records Staff Consultancy System This system allows OHR to maintain faculty external consultation and specialist work records and the Web-based module allows faculty to submit income earned from such work for monitoring purposes Integrated Holiday/ Childcare/ NS/ Maternity/ Medical Leave System This system allows staff to apply for holiday/childcare/NS/leave online. It has feature for schools/depts to maintain medical/maternity leave Staff Insurance System This system helps OHR to maintain staff insurance data Staff Bungalow Booking System This system allows all staff to apply for NTU bungalow online Management Reports Generation This module enables OHR staff to generate ad hoc reports as and when they need using e-friendly reporting tool Head Count Management System The system allows schools/depts to view filled and unfilled posts MSc Admission (Research) MSc Admission (Coursework) Acceptance/Decline of Offer of Admission (Research) MBA Admission/MSc with Specialisation Application Status Inquiry System CNI e-payment system for Professional Development Programme MSc (Financial Engineering) Admission System CNI Executive List Admission System for Research application Admission System for Coursework application Online accept/decline of Offer for Research application Enable applicants to check status of application Allow Professional Development Programme participants to make e-payment Enable CNI user to mainatain executive information Admission System for MBA and MSc with Specialisation Admission System for MSC (Financial Engineering) application Nanyang Fellows Admission System Admission System for Nanyang Fellows application CNI Admission Admision System for CNI application NTU-Waseda Double MBA Admission Admission System for NTU-Waseda Double MBA application Graduate Student Matriculation Allow GSO to matriculate graduate student, print Student Card Graduate Student Course Registration Allocation and registration of course by graduate students MBA Course Registration MBA Student Course Registration Dean Services Allow Dean to select research applicants Nomination of Candidature Allow faculty to nominate research candidature Graduate Student Billing System Management of all fees and bills on graduate students Standford-MIT Alliance (SMA) Student System Allow Standford-MIT Alliance (SMA) office to maintain SMA Student Information Letter of Conferment Generation of Letter of Conferment for graduates Letter of Certification Generation of Letter of Certification for student and graduates Outstanding Fees Tracking & Enhancement Enable the tracking of outstanding fees of graduate stduents Graduate Student Examination Allow GSO to maintain student examination information Graduate Student Graduation Allow GSO to maintain graduates information Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)-enabled Services Enable graduate students to access intranet services via WAP phone Change Personal Particulars Graduate Students to change their personal particulars Student Leave of Absence Graduate Students to apply for Official Leave of Absence Self-generate Certification Letters Graduate Students to generate their Letter of Certificatoin Request to change status to Singapore Permanent Resident Graduate Students to request to change their status to Singagpore PR Replacement of Matriculation Card Graduate Students to request for replacement of matriculation card MBA Seminars & Recruitment Talks Allow MBA Office to organise Seminars and Recruitment Talks Conference Management System Manages Conferences Leave of Absence Enables schools to process/approve leave applications Graduate Student Information System Enables schools to view applicant, student, withdrawn and graduates data Graduate Course Registration Enables schools to maintain registration parameters, pre-register courses, print class list Admission System (Local) Application, Processing of Undergraduate Admission for Full-Time and Part-Time Course Admission System (International) Application, processing, offering of undergraduate admission for fulltime international students. Entrance examination will be required for applicants from certain entry qualifications Student Projection Projection of Student Enrolment and Graduate Output Joint Acceptance System This system manages the acceptance of offer from NTU, NUS and SMU so that no applicant can accept more than 1 offer from any of the 3 universities NTU Acceptance Systemt Acceptance form for undergraduate Full-Time and Part-Time programme Bridging Course Student Record System Capture data of Bridging students from MOE. These students are on preparatory course to improve their English Language Talent OutReach Student Record System Capture data of Secondary & JC students provided by MOE whom are doing research in NTU or taking up courses conducted by NTU faculty Student Information System Matriculation, Withdrawal and Grant Leave of Students, Data Maintenance, Determining Fees of Students Photograph Database Storing student photographs into the database for printing, report usage Streaming (Business/Engineering) Streaming of Business and Engineering Students. Student intake choices of stream Student Record Card (Academic) A record card on student academic information Accelerated Bachelor Programme Allow OAS to shortlist and monitor student on Accelerated Bachelor Programme. Student offered and opt to be in the programme Course Registration (STARS - Student Automated Registration System) Management of registration of courses by students Course Registration (STARS) Planner This system enables all undergraduate students to plan for the time-table before the commencement of course regsitration Course Overloading Student request to do more (overload) courses Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory Grade Option To allow student to opt for courses to be graded in Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grade instead of the Letter Grades Declaration for Minor To allow student to declare for minor on-line Filing for Minor To allow student to file for minor on-line Online Appeal To allow student to appeal on Course Registration Scholarship System Bond Monitoring System MOE/NTU Bursary System CDC/CCC Bursary System NTU Study Loan System
Work Study Scheme Computer Loan System Overseas Loan System Short Term Study Assistance System Application, processing, interview, offering of Scholarship Updating of graduated scholars' employment details, air ticket claims, surety particulars and deferment information Management of MOE/NTU and NTU-administered bursary The system allows OAFA to keep track on the application on CDC/CCC Bursary by the student To process application of NTU study loan Online system for student to apply for Short Term Study Bursary Management of loan to students to go for overseas exchange, eg Global Immersion Programme Computer loan application system Part-time jobs availability for NTU students to apply Global Immersion Programme (GIP) Management of Global Immersion Programme (GIP) programme Global Summer Studies (GSS) Management of Global Summer Studies (GSS) programme International Student Exchange Programme (INSTEP) Management of International Student Exchange Programme (INSTEP) programme Outgoing Exchange System Administering of Course Result of Exchange Student Incoming Non-Graduating/Exchange Programme Student System Non-graduating/ Incoming Exchange Students database Memorandum Management System A system initiated by OAS to capture all the memorandum signed between NTU and other universities or industries Attachment & Internship Management System Allows companies to provide placement for attachment program Industrial Attachment (Engineering) Students indicate choices of Industrial Attachment (IA), while CAO allocates and administers IA Industrial Immersion (Maritime Studies) Students indicate choices of Industrial Immersion (II), while CAO allocates and administers II Professional Attachment (NBS/HSS) Students indicate choices of Professional Attachment (PA), while CAO allocates and administers PA Professional Internship (SCI) Students indicate choices of Professional Intership (PI), while CAO allocates and administers PI SAO Student Records System To allow Hall Officer view student particulars Hostel Management System Allows FIN to manage the students' hostel bills and students to view their hostel bill online Hostel Application System
Online system for students to apply for hostel Hostel Allocation System (HAS) Allocate students to halls based on an algorithm Hostel Acceptance System Online system for students to accept the offer to hostel accommodation eHostel Bill Online Hostel Bill for Student to view & make payment Degree Audit Allow student to view result and courses registered Qualifying English Test (QET) Determine student required from Qualifying English Test (QET), administer and processing QET Mark Entry System Capturing of Coursework and Examination Mark. Compution and Moderation of Course Mark Examination Processing Process of Examination Marks to determine GPA, Student Standing, Class of Honours, Statistics, etc Examination Timetable Online To show Examination Timetable Examination Seat Arrangement Allocation Seat to Student and allow Student check Examination Seat Examination Invigilation Generation of Invigilation Roster, Informing Invilator and allow swapping of duty Medals & Prizes Determine student to be consider for Medals & Prizes base on Examination Result Examination Result Online Release Examination Result to be viewed by students Examination Result Slips Online Allows student to view/print detailed exam result by academic & semester Review of Examination Result Student request of review of Examination Result. School to review Result Transcript Request
Allow students/graduates to request interim/official transcript Health Declaration for Examination Allows student to declare Health Condition before Examination Contacts Tracing To generate Contact Info of student base on Registration, Examination and Hall of Residence Industrial Attachment (Engineering) Undergraduate Billing System Management of all fees and bills on undegraduates eBill Consolidate billing items, generate bills for student. Collection and student financial account management EZLink Card System Provide TransitLink with student data and photos to print EZLink cards Extra Curricula Activity (ECA) Record System Online system for students to enter their activities. To generate letters of certification when requested by students Student Athletes Management System Capturing student athletes for the purpose of administration of Color Awards NTU Student Committee Database System Allows students (Hon Gen Sec) to update the committee members particulars Student Record Card (Non-Academic)
A record card on student non-academic information Exchange Portal (Foreign Students) One stop online service for inbound exchange student to verify their details captured in our database and also for them to provide additional information needed by ISC. The portal too provides general information about Singapre by having a url link to Singapore Infomap Airport Arrival Reception System Capturing incoming students from overseas with their arrival details so that airport reception will be extended to those who requested for the service International Student - Student Record System Existing foreign undergraduate information Student Pass System
Submission of Student's Particulars to Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) and generate Student's Pass number so that student is able to self service when accessing ICA website to apply for Student?s Pass online Group Hospital & Surgical Insurance System (Foreign Students) Insurance Scheme to protect all our foreign students on all hospitalisation and surgical fees Graduate Accommodation System Application, processing, renewing, vacating of graduate accommodation Admission Analysis Details Detail Analysis of Applicant applying for Admissions Admission Applicant Statistics Statistics/Charts on Applicant applying for Admissions Admission Intake Statistics Statistics/Charts on Intake of Students Admission Offer, Acceptance & Matriculation Statistics Statistics/Charts on Offer, Acceptance & Matriculation of Students (Joint/ NTU Acceptance) Admission Statistics (presented to Board of Trustees)

Admission Statistics/Charts presented to Board in Trustees in 2006 Current Undergraduate Statistics Statistics/Charts on Curent Undergraduate Population Graduate Employment Survey Statistics Statistics/Charts of Gradudate Employment Survey (3 years comparision) Official Student Statistics Official Statistics/Charts on Enrolment, Intake and Graduation of Undergraudate, Graduate, PostGrad Diploma and Diploma Students Post Examination Data/Statistics Statistics/ Charts/ Data of for Post Examination Analysis and Planning Academic Record To view their Academic Record Exam Result To view their Exam Result Exam Seating Arrangement To view their Exam Seating Arrangement Exam Timetable To view their Exam Timetable Exam Result Slip To request for Exam Result Slip Review of Result To review their exam result Degree Scroll To request for degree scroll Request for Transcript To request for transcript Specialisation To select specialisation Additional Quota To apply for additional quota for Email/File Service/etc Mailing List Ownership To apply for Mailing List NTUmail+ Renaming Service To apply for NTUmail+ service. A service to rename Email username Email/ Network Password To change Email/ Network Password NTU eXpress SMS (NeXS) To register handphone to access services using SMS Register for Password Reset Using SMS To register for Password Reset using SMS A-Z Websites Frequently Used Acronymn Research Directory Staff Telephone Directory Research Information Management System To maintain research project information Staff Sales External Training To apply for external training CITS Course To apply for CITS training courses Overseas Conference Leave For faculty/ research staff to apply for overseas conference leave Sports Facilities To book sports facilities SRC Yunnan Corner For SRC Members to book SRC Yunnan Corner Central Equipment Booking For researchers to book equipment Lecture/ Tutorial Room/ Laboratory To book Lecture Theatre/ Tutorial Room/ Laboratory ADM Auditorium To book ADM Auditorum Executive Centre, NTU@one-north To book Executive Centre CITS Instruction Room To book CITS Instruction Room Vehicle To book vehicle (car/van) Nanyang Auditorium To book Nanyang Auditorium Pavilion & Canopy To book Pavilion & Canopy E-Claims (Transport, Meal, Conference Claim) To submit reimbursement claims for transport, meal, conference Electronic Remittance Advice System (ERAS) To view remittance advice Salary Enquiry (Electronic Pay Advice System) To view Salary related information, YTD pay, form 8E Salary Deduction System (Car Park/ NTU Fund/ Donation)
To request for Salary deduction for Car park/ NTU Fund/ Donation Equipment Write-Off (Board of Survey) system For authorised fixed asset operators to submit request to write off or transfer of assets Staff Quarter Rental and PUB Bill Enquiry system For staff who stay at NTU quarter to view their PUB Bill online SAP Project Statement For school PI to view SAP project statement Expenditure on Manpower (EOM) Allocation System

For Head of Department to maintain Expenditure on Manpower (EOM) allocation Pay Register for Project/ Centre Account For School PI to view Pay Register for Project Accounts Staff Recreation Club (Salary Deduction)
To request for Salary deduction for SRC membership fee Annual/ Childcare/ NS Training Leave To apply for Annual/ Childcare/ NS Training Leave Staff Suggestion Scheme To submit Staff Suggestion Admin/Support Staff Promotion Decision For OHR/HOD to enter salary adjustment decisions/promotion decision Performance Appraisal System for Management and Support Staff For Deans of Schools/Heads of Depts to enter appraisal grading on line Personal Particulars To maintain/enquire selected personal particulars online Performance Appraisal System for Research Staff For PI/ Supervisor/ HOD/ Chair to enter appraisal ratings, annual increment and performance bonus decisions online Consultation Income For faculty to submit and monitor income earned from consultation work Resignation To submit resignation notification online CV Submission for Faculty For faculty to upload their CVs Adjunct Faculty Renewal Report For Dean/ Chairs/ HODs to submit Reports on Adjunct Faculty Members online Research staff online contract renewal system (ROCRS) For Supervisor/ PI/ HOD/ Chair to recommend for contract renewal. Research Staff can accept/reject contract renewal online Body Temperature To declare body temperature. This is required for health check during outbreak of serious flu Clicker Administration System Mark Entry System Undergraduate Graduate Studies Student Feedback on Teaching Student Attachment Teaching Workload Schedule
edveNTUre Online Learning Graduate Studies - Statistics To enter coursework & exam marks, compute & moderate course marks http://prezi.com/kibgmhhlnxe3/ http://prezi.com/lwyxb0-kzmad/ http://prezi.com/58szr1wlqrzk/ Exam Result To view Exam Results DIP To apply for Design & Innovation Project Exam Result Slip To view Exam Result Slip Degree Audit To view Degree Audit information URECA To apply of Undergraduate Research on Campus Academic Mentoring To view e remark of academic mentoring EID To apply for Engineering Innovation & Design Project UROP To apply for Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programme Review of Exam To apply for Review of Exam Result Course Registration To register for Courses using STARS/ STARS Planner Change of Programme To apply to change programme of study Feedback on Teaching To provide feedback on Teaching IA To apply for Industrial Attachment IO To apply for Industrial Orientation GIP To apply for Global Immersion Programme PA To apply for Professional Attachment PI To apply for Professional Internship II To apply for Industrial Immersion GSS To apply for Global Summer Studies programme INSTEP To apply for International Student Exchange Programme Financial Assistance To apply for Financial Assistance Work Studies Scheme To apply for Work Studies Scheme Scholarship To apply for Scholarship IT Services Additional Quota To request additional quota for email/ website/ etc Subscriber Mailing List To request to create mailing list NTUmail+ To request for alternate name for personal email Student Club/Hall Website & Email Account To apply/ request to change Student Club/Society/Hall JCRC/etc Website and Email. Change Email/ NT PasswordUROP To change Email/ NT Password Challenge Phrase to update Challenge Phrase. Student will be authenticated via this Challenge Phrase to reset PIN Change PIN To change PIN used in accessing certain application Registration for Password using SMS To reigister to use SMS to reset password NeXS (NTU Express SMS) To register handphone to access services on SMS Lecture Theatre/ Tutorial Room To book Lecture Threatre/ Tutorial Room Nanyang Auditorium To book Nanyang Auditorium Sport Facilities To book Sport Facilites Pavilion & Canopy To book Pavilion / Canopy areas CareerHub A portal to enhance the career management and job search skills of its students and alumni to enable them to make informed career decisions CareerMall A portal for graduate/ final year student to seek employment, while employer can post available places Nanyang Auditorium To book Nanyang Auditorium Hostel Accommodation To apply for Hostel Accomodation Off Campus Accommodation To apply for accommodation offered by public e-Hostel Bill To view hostel bill Personal Particulars To change personal particulars e-Bill To view student bill ECA Records To view and update Extra Curricula Activities (ECA) records Body Temperature To declare body temperature. This is required for health check during outbreak of serious flu. To create course sites For Head of Division to plan teaching workload To process student feedback Alumni Management System List of commonly used acronymns Telephone Directory of Staff/ Departments Directory listing of research projects To purchase or bid for used items Listing of websites created by staff & students aaaaa
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