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Timeline for Events Happened in Diary of a Wimpy kid

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Thanapol Khalek

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Timeline for Events Happened in Diary of a Wimpy kid

In middle school, it was busy and a lot harder for Greg, older students would bully him. He found that middle school students were the most understandable kind of people.
Moving to Middle School
Rowley's and Greg's friend ship broke because or some thing related to getting popular in the school. Greg forgot all about Rowley and so he was mad.
But in the end Rowley forgives Greg.
Cheese touch one of the worst ting in the school. The cheese touch started by touching a cheese that has been out side for more than a year. If you get touched by it the one who thouched the cheese you will carry the touch until you tough someone else.
Cheese touch
Greg thought about writting up a book about in the the story. Rowley and Greg was going to do it together but than Greg wants to be famous on his own so he decided to do it by himself.

Greg becoming Famous!
The Reason the Diary of Greg Exists
The book was Greg's mom idea. Greg said "This is not supposed to be a Diary, it was suppose to be a jornal". But the book have the word "Diary" so it is considered as a diary.
Timeline for Events Happened in
Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Chapter ?
Afterall, nobody get famous.
Chapter 2/3
Chapter 4?
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