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CFOR 101 (Fa '16) T21 - Embrace the Blessing of Rebuke

Click on the bottom right ARROW to proceed. Then, move your cursor at the bottom to MORE, click on Fullscreen, press ESC to exit Fullscreen mode . . .

Hartmut Scherer

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of CFOR 101 (Fa '16) T21 - Embrace the Blessing of Rebuke

Part 3 Belong to His Body (fellowship)
Embrace the Blessing of Rebuke (ch. 18)
When has a friend spoken truth into your life?
what you would like to do when giving correction
What is the difference between hurting someone with words and harming someone with words?
what you’ve learned not to do
Which of the responses best describe your reactions when you hear corrective words from a person who genuinely loves you?
I am embarrassed
I bristle in anger
I experience fear
I receive corrective words of rebuke as an act of love
Other . . .
Take a few moments to examine yourself. Complete the following:
a) The sinful (thought, attitude, action) patterns that I am aware
of in my life right now are . . .
d) Right now I need to hear the following corrective words:
b) My current indwelling sin is manifested when . . .
c) Right now I need to hear the following words of rebuke:
Give the Blessing of Rebuke
"One of the most loving things we can do for each other in the church is tell each other when we’re wrong." (David Mathis)
The Golden Rule of Rebuke
"Humbly listening to trusted correction is essential to entering into the community of the wise." (R. Ortlund jr.)
Matt. 7:12, So whatever you wish that others would do to you,
do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.
- don't let it slide but bring it to his attention
- consider the manner in which you would want to be approached
Record your observations related to giving the blessing of rebuke in loving humility in . . .
Matthew 18:15–17 (Kyle)
Hebrews 3:12–13 (K-Vina)
Luke 17:3–4 (Joealyn)
2 Thessalonians 3:14–15 (Connie)
James 5:19–20
Describe an experience when you offered a word of correction to someone. Include why you chose to correct or why you didn’t.
Explain how your personality and society’s influence affect your willingness to give correction to a Christian brother or sister.
"I'm not doing anybody any harm." The question is, what good are you withholding?
(R. Ortlund)
How does keeping this rule in mind motivate you to initiate a rebuke?
Six Steps Toward Correction
1. Check Your Own Heart First
2. Seek to Sympathize
3. Pray for Restoration
4. Be Quick
5. Speak with Clarity and Charity
6. Follow Up
"Love without truth is sentimentality; it supports and affirms us but keeps us in denial about our flaws. Truth without love is harshness; it gives us information but in such a way that we cannot really hear it." (Tim Keller)
Each text makes restoration the aim of correction.
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