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Structure of Madame Bovary

No description

Jordan Brown

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of Structure of Madame Bovary

Introduced to Charles and the 1st Madame Bovary
Charles meets Emma
Heloise Bovary dies
Plot Structure
Book Structure
Chapter Structure
Sentence Structure
Charles and Emma marry
Emma becomes uninterested in Charles
Emma discovers the extravagant lifestyle at the ball
Emma meets Leon and becomes curious about affairs
Emma and Charles have a baby
Rising Action
Emma begins an affair with Rodolphe
Emma becomes frivolous and reckless with her spending, putting Charles, who is ignorant of the affair, in debt
Emma begins an affair with Leon
Emma's debt increases
Emma tries to pay off debt without Charles finding out
Emma attempts to prostitute herself to Rodolphe, but he refuses
Emma commits suicide
Falling Action
Charles discovers Emma's letters from Rodolphe and Leon
Charles dies
Their daughter, Berthe, is sent to work at a cotton mill
Spans from Charles as a schoolboy to Emma discovering her pregnancy
Ends with Emma throwing her bouquet in the fire
62 pages long
9 chapters
Part One
Spans from the Bovarys moving into Yonville-l’Abbaye to Emma staying in Rouen to see the rest of the opera
Ends with Emma reconnecting with Leon
149 pages
15 chapters
Part Two
Spans from Leon and Emma meeting in her hotel room to Charles' death
Ends with Berthe being sent to first her grandmother then a textile mill and Homais being awarded the Legion of Honor
110 pages
11 chapters
Part Three
Begins and ends with Charles
Parts 1 and 2 end with an event that is important to seeing Emma's changing mindset
Each part begins with a transition or big moment
Division of Parts
Begins with a smaller event that build to a larger idea, action, or statement
Character development <-- Characters often contrasting or contradicting their views at the beginning of the chapter
Chapter Arcs
Average # of pages in one chapter: 9.23
1st chapter: 9.5
Last chapter: 21
Generally end at change of location or idea/intent (goal of characters)
Some indicate a large time span between the chapters
What Makes a Chapter?
"Meltime was the worst of all in that
room on the ground floor,
with the smoking oven, the creaking door, the damp walls, and the moist flagstones
; all the
bitterness of her existence
seemed to be served up to her on her plate, and the
steam from the boiled beef
brought up waves of nausea from the depths of her soul. It took Charles a long time to eat; she would
nibble a few hazelnuts, or leaning on her elbow, would amuse herself by drawing lines on the oilcloth with the tip of her knife
" (Flaubert 63).
Long & Descriptive
Utilizes commas and semicolons
In the except:
7 commas
2 semicolons
2 periods
You must find:

-Descriptors (adjectives and otherwise)
-Punctuation (draw a line at the end of sentences and circle commas, semicolons, and hyphens)
-Count the number of descriptive words/phrases and punctuation marks.
-If you can, identify a symbol or an example of satire
-Determine if the excerpt is from the beginning, middle, or end of a chapter
-Determine the excerpt's significance to Madame Bovary
Identify Flaubert's Structural Elements
Structure of Madame Bovary
NOTE: The protagonist, Emma, is not introduced until the second chapter. The reader gets to know Charles first.
NOTE: Emma dies two chapters before the book ends and buried one chapter before the book ends (Rinehart 301).
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