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Kate Turnbole

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Plotting my camping trip, Summer 2013 The Borders Abbeys Walk, Scotland Borders Day One: Travel It will take around 8 hours by bus and train to get from London to Jedburgh.
I plan to start early, so I can just find supper and set up my campsite still in daylight. Hoping to camp at Ashieview Farm when I get there Night One Hope to see Fatlips Castle while I'm there.
Ancestral Turnbull Castle! Day Two This trek would take me through Bedrule. Ending this leg in Hawick. Next rest point is looking to be the Riverside Tourers Caravan site. Night Two Potential to pass by the Bowhill Estate Day Three Should be a loch or two to see on this day. Final destination for day two. Planning a hotel or B&B for Night Three
Got a few contenders in the running. I'd like to visit Selkirk's Kirk o' the Forest. Day Four Cauldshields Loch is along the way on this leg. Somewhere along the way is also Abbotsford.
Home of Sir Walter Scott. That puts me square in Melrose.
Looking at The Melrose Gibson Carvan Park for this night. Night Four And here's where the Abbeys will start popping up.
Melrose Abbey is first. Day Five And then Dryburgh Abbey... And a nice view of the Eildon Mountains as I
make my way into Kelso. Looking to camp here at the
Kirkfield Caravan Park. Night Five Final leg of the Way. Likely to be a big day.
Starting with Kelso Abbey. Day Six At some point the path joins up with the
Roman Heritage Way.
Little bit of extra history to walk. Ending this day back in Jedburgh and with
Jedburgh Abbey. I haven't decided yet if I want to camp back at Ashieview Farm or find a hostel or something.
I guess I'll have to see! Night Six Day Seven: Homeward Bound! Back to likely very disgruntled kitties, who will hopefully have been good for their catsitter.
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