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Stacey Prezume

No description

Stacey Self

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Stacey Prezume

Other Adventures in
the Tech Lab at Smithfield
Collaborating through Padlet
Creating through MS Word & PowerPoint
Creating through Kerpoof!
Collaborating through Gaggle
Learning with BrainPop!
Reading with ReadingEggs
Exploring with National Geographic
Traveling with Google Earth
Writing with Blogs, Wordles, StoryBird, and Storyboardthat
Communicating with TodaysMeet
Collecting Data with InfuseLearning & Socrative
And more!
Thank you!
PD Master Teacher
Projects for Instructional Technology
Presentations for Technology Facilitators meeting
Technology Facilitator for Quail Hollow Middle School for summer program
My Philosophy
Stacey Self
Techie Teacher of the Month
UNC Charlotte
BA Elementary Education
Magna Cum Laude
UNC Charlotte
M.Ed. Instructional Systems Technology
2nd Grade
River Oaks
Academy, CMS
English Teacher
Seoul, South Korea
K-5 Technology
Smithfield Elementary, CMS
Apple Administrator for iPads
Set up new iPads
Update iPads
Install new apps
Help teachers
At Smithfield and Morehead I created a google docs form for teachers to nominate a teacher who has been effectively integrating technology into their classroom while supporting 21st Century Skills. Based on nominations, I choose one teacher to highlight every month with a certificate, jeans pass, and interview which goes on our website.

North Carolina Technology
in Education Society
Member of NCTIES
I was able to highlight Morehead's use of technology as well as help compile videos for other occasions.
Digital Learning Day
Technology Facilitator
Morehead STEM Academy, CMS
Set up/maintain public drive on Google Drive
Train teachers to use Google for teaching and collaboration
Technology Training
PD: Project Based Learning with iTunes U
Monthly Tech Training:
Content Creation with iPads
BYOT apps for all devices
Using Google Drive with Students
Website editing
Supporting the 4 C's with Technology
Tech help sign up: personal or group
Creation of 5 minute walkthrough with e-mail
Technology walkthroughs
BYOT Kickoff
Assisting with project implementation
Weekly newsletter
Technology is meant to be a tool to support student learning. It is not a substitute for the teacher.

Technology can help students communicate with the teacher, collaborate with others, think critically through research and brain mapping, and create visual presentations and representations.

Technology can help students discover, make choices, motivate, express themselves through creation, and are provided with authentic learning opportunities.
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