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Arthur Miller

No description

Jessica Mechling

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller
The House of Un-American Committee
The House of Un-American Committee was a investigative committee of the United States House of representatives.
Miller decided to not cooperate with them. Being a writer and being married to an actress put him under the spot light.
Themes of Arthur Miller's writing
Arthur was sad and depressing in his writings. He wrote about personal tragedies. He had the idea of the american dream and got it threatened when the great depression hit. He fought for the common man.
Arthur Miller views
Arthur Miller believed that everyone had tragedies. Especially the common man, who faced many tragedies in a lifetime. Arthur believed that tragedies in art were not questioned. Tragedies will always happen. "Tragedy, then, is the consequence of a man's total compulsion to evaluate himself justify."
Arthur Millers political view
Arthur Miller didn't have any political views. He was a non- communist and doesn't believe in communism. He thought it was wrong.
Arthur Miller's wife (1956-1961)
Marilyn Monroe
What major historical event shaped Arthur Miller's childhood?
Several major events happened to shape Miller's life. For example:
the Holocaust
the Great Depression
poverty in his family
the stock market crash
The Holocaust affected his life because he was a Jewish boy and tragedy face his people.
The Great Depression and the stock market crash contributed to his family entering poverty.
Type of Man Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller was how we think and how others believe he was like. Arthur Miller was a deep man who manly kept to himself; we believe he was like this through his writing.
Arthur Miller won the Gold Medal for drama from the National Institute of Arts and letters. He also got the BBC which is Best Play Award.
The story "the crucible" received the Antoinette Perry Award. Then he also won several more.
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