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User Data Protection and Network Security Overview

How to backup and protect your work files and general computer network security information

Jeff Pettorino

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of User Data Protection and Network Security Overview

Important Data is

...Important An InfoSec/IA Presentation User Data Protection
& Network Security Browser cache history
Pictures and images
System log files
Office documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs Data Protection and You You Create Data Every Time
You Use A Computer Business Operations and Intelligence
Fiscal Controls and Responsibilities
Computer Network Defense details
Required by Law (Personnel details/PII) Gaming performance metrics
Warrior Transition Units details
Financials - budgets and cost projections
Authentication secrets (passwords)
Purchase requests and contracts
Personnel information (HR, PII, and HIPAA)
System log files and records But is all of it important? Threats Two Classifications of Threats to Information and Data Hacktivists

Insiders Unintentional Hardware failure

Insiders What you can do to protect, prevent, and preserve important ARMP information Hackers, Malware, and Bots (oh my!) User shares (your U:\ drive)
Department shares (ITS, Common, etc.)

- provided specifically for this purpose
- synchronized and backed up regularly
- critical lost files can be restored Copy important files... Every Day! Family pictures
Personal music and documents
Non-approved software Personal files
are not necessarily AR 25-2, 4-5(a) Prohibited activities. ... [T]he following activities are specifically prohibited by any authorized user on a Government provided IS or connection:
(1) Use of ISs for unlawful or unauthorized activities such as file sharing of media, data, or other content that is protected by Federal or state law, including copyright or other intellectual property statutes.
(3) Modification of the IS or software, use of it in any manner other than its intended purpose, or adding user–configurable or unauthorized software such as, but not limited to, commercial instant messaging, commercial Internet chat, collaborative environments, or peer-to-peer client applications. These applications create exploitable vulnerabilities and circumvent normal means of securing and monitoring network activity ... Actually, personal use of computer systems are prohibited, limited, or restricted by ARMY Regulation 25-2 and ARMP Policy... Malicious For example... (and there are many, many more) Systems that are infected with malware are not allowed back on the network.
Copying data from infected systems can spread the malware.
In serious cases, NETCOM or CID may seize the system and all data on it
...permanently. Why and how? 1- Backup important data daily 2- Scan files for viruses 3- Minimize personal data
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