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Citizen participation and distribution of power: Iraq

No description

Brandon Pena

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Citizen participation and distribution of power: Iraq

By: Brandon Pena
Citizen Participation and Distribution of Power: Iraq
The type of citizen participation in Iraq is a Parliamentary Democracy, although many people think that it is a dictatorship.
Because of Iraq's constitution and policies, citizens are limited to freedom of speech, assembly, association, and expression.
The distribution of power in Iraq is considered Federal because Iraq has its own legislatures.

Iraq's head of state is the President and He Serves a Ceremonial Role.
The Head of Government is the Prime Minister, He is appointed by the President.
Distribution of Power
In 2013, Sunni protesters held large anti-government demonstrations, claiming that the governments policies marginalize the minority group.
Voting age is 18
Iraq has the second largest oil reserves.
Fun Facts
"Iraq." CultureGrams Online Edition. Pro Quest, 2014. Web. 16 Sep 2014.
My social studies note book (notes from Mrs.Edwards power point at the very beginning of the year.)
Citizen Participation
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