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3 Types of industries

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Leilani Marczuk

on 4 March 2016

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Transcript of 3 Types of industries

3 Types of industries
Primary industry affects my life with agriculture and fishing because those two jobs can provide food. Without them, I would not be able to consume foods that are natural and would not be provided with food that is needed for a human life.
How primary industry impacts my life...
Secondary industry affects my life with construction, manufacturing of goods and manufacturing of automobiles. Without construction or automobiles, I would not have a home or be able to travel far distances. This is a major industry that affects my life because without the manufacturing of goods, I would not have all the products I need in life.
How secondary industry impacts my life...
Tertiary industries affect my life with medical aid and education. Whenever I am hurt or severely sick I am provided with medical attention at the doctor's or hospital to improve my immunity. These are services that specifically affect me and that are provided to me. Education also affects my life by being provided to me without cost (excluding taxes). Both of these services have been provided to me and affect my life.
How tertiary industry impacts my life...
Canada has a mix of all three industries. These specifically include manufacturing (secondary industry), services (tertiary industry, and natural resources being obtained (primary industry). The automotive industry is a major part in the manufacturing sector. Canada is one of the largest exporters of automobile equipment due to our ties with NAFTA. Other industries within the manufacturing sector include: agricultural machinery, metalworking machinery, natural gas and oil drilling equipment. The chemical industry is also very big in Canada (Mainly Alberta and Quebec).
Specific industries in Canada...
Primary industry is a major part of the economy in developing countries. This industry is involved with extracting and collecting natural resources. These materials can also be used to make products.
Primary Industry
Secondary Industry is the manufacturing of products to be used by consumers. This industry will use the raw materials produced by primary industries to manufacture their products.
Secondary Industry
This sector of industry provides services for consumers. This sector can be split into two categories, one half involves businesses looking to make money from providing services and the other half involves non-profit services (i.e state education, etc.).
Tertiary Industry
Pictures of industries...
A video on industries...
Le fin!
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