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Welcome to 6th Grade Math!

Classroom routines, rules, and procedures.

Tiffany Nagy

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Welcome to 6th Grade Math!

Miss Nagy's classroom routines, rules & procedures: in effect from Sept. 5th-Dec. 21st Welcome to 6th Grade Math! Seating Chart:
assigned seats will be changed monthly or when seen necessary. Attendance:
attendance will be taken every day Hopefully there will not be a NEED to :) Graduated from Rutgers with a bachelors degree in Mathematics in 2011.
Graduated from the Graduate School of Education with a masters degree in Math Education in 2012.
Loves math and likes to find fun ways to teach it.
Loves Disney
Loves NFL - specifically the New England Patriots. Who is Miss Nagy? 1. Be respectful of EVERYONE, their belongings, AND their opinions.

2. Be responsible for your work and yourself.

3. ALWAYS be prepared.

4.Raise your hand to speak and NEVER speak or interrupt when others are speaking. This includes :
the teacher
your classmates
any classroom guests

5. ALWAYS ask questions! No question is too silly. Classroom Rules: 6. Seek extra help if needed. Don't stay confused or frustrated!

7. Follow the appropriate bathroom/drink procedures.

8. Always put 110% of your effort in everything you do-this will be reflected in your grade.

9. ABSOLUTELY NO BULLYING of ANY kind will be tolerated in this classroom.

10. Have fun!! (Math is fun! :) ) Classroom Rules (cont.): Remember.... 1. Come into class, take out homework, write down tonight's homework, and begin Do Now

During this time I will:

a. Take attendance
b. Check completed homework
c. Take care of any notices or important information. Classroom Procedures: 1. Homework must be completed every night.

2. Late homework WILL NOT receive credit but all HW needs to be done regardless.

3. Homework will be checked for completion not collected (unless I see reason to collect it).


4. I will randomly collect homework throughout the year to check to see if we are on track.

5. Homework serves as a great study guide for tests and quizzes so do your homework every night!

6. I will TRY not to give homework on Friday

7. Homework Bowl : Miss Nagy's Homework Bowl If I forget to move your helmet...please remind me! Homework Bowl:

For every day that the ENTIRE class brings in their completed homework, your team helmet will move 10 yards down the football field.

The first class to get a touchdown will get a "working snack" or other type of fun incentive. Tests & Quizzes All tests and quizzes will be announced at least 1 week prior to the date of the test/quiz.

We will have a mini review the day before any test or quiz.

ALL test & quizzes must be signed whatever the grade is.

All students will be required to make test and quiz corrections.

Extra help will NOT be available the morning of a test or quiz so make sure you see me before hand! Grading Policy NOTE* This grading policy will continue throughout the whole school year. Homework: 5 points

This is a completion grade provided work is completed as expected. All problems must be attempted and all work must be shown. Homework not completed as expected will earn 0 points. Partially completed work and late work will not be accepted for credit.


Quizzes: 50 points

Tests : 100 points

Quiz/Test corrections: 10 points

Math Grade = (points earned/maximum points)(100)

A= 90-100
B= 80-89
C= 70-79
D= 65-69
F=64 and below

Grades will be available for viewing on Genesis at home. For any test or quiz that you earn a grade of a 90 or higher, you will receive a math buck.

Also, for completing a weeks work of homework you will also receive a math buck.

These math bucks can be traded in for different prizes such as erasers, different pencils, etc.


You can save up your points and trade them in for a big ticket item such as a homework pass (hw passes must be used before Dec. 21st). Earn Some Bucks! Don't be rude and ask to leave for the bathroom or a drink in the middle of a lesson!


If you have to use the bathroom or get a drink of water or go to the nurse and we are in the middle of a lesson simply follow these codes:

Raising your hand with the :
#1 = I need to use the bathroom
#2 = I need to get a drink
#3 = EMERGENCY, I need the nurse

If it is an appropriate time I will nod my head yes and you may quietly get up and proceed to sign out of the yellow "IN/OUT" folder.

If I feel it is an inappropriate time to leave I will shake my head no and you will have to wait until we finish.

*IN CASE OF EMERGENCY* - if you need to go to the nurse because your going to be sick, or need the bathroom RIGHT NOW, or your paper cut is so bad that your arm is going to fall off, then use code #3. If I find out it was not a true emergency, then we will follow our behavior plan. Bathroom/Leaving the Room One Two Three Four (cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr (cc) image by quoimedia on Flickr You will need:
a section in your binder for math
a two pocket folder that fits on the rings of your binder
three separate plastic sheet protectors
plenty of lined loose-leaf paper Notebooks Set your notebooks up as follows: You will be assigned your own text book and assignment books sometime in the beginning of next week.

You will be notified the day before if you need your text book or not.

Text books MUST be covered.

Assignment books will be kept here and there will be an assigned person to pass them out each class they are needed Not following the rules gets you:

First offense = warning

Second offense = 2nd warning & a note/email home

Third offense = 3rd warning and gets you after school detention with me and a phone call home.

* Reoccurring behavior will result in a conference with your parents/guardians. Behavior Plan & Consequences Text Books Math Binder


Small, manual pencil sharpener


A red pen

and of course...HOMEWORK!! What Do I Bring to Class Everyday? Extra help is always available and can be either before school (AM) or after school (PM).

I will let you know in the beginning of the week the days I am available for extra help. (Or you can just ask) - we will develop a system.

Extra help is NOT available the morning of a test of quiz so make sure to come the day before.

PLEASE COME FOR EXTRA HELP IF YOU FEEL YOU NEED IT!!!! Extra Help email: tnagy@westfieldnjk12.org Contact me in case of an emergency or complete confusion: you may only contact me via this email address & only about items regarding our math lessons 1. Tonight's hw because you forgot to write it down - contact your buddy. Remembering/writing down hw is YOUR responsibility.

2. About your weekend

3. Complaining/gossiping about ANYONE/ANYTHING - I do not want to hear it. You may NOT email me about.... If you HAVE to email me - keep it strictly business. Anything else will be reported to the principal The bell does not dismiss you...I do. You will typically get some type of exit ticket (just so I know what's going on in my classroom). The Bell... We are here to learn math, but we will also have fun!! Finally.... Lets practice.. Tonight's hw:
"Getting Acquainted" sheet
Due: Tomorrow, Friday 9/7/12 Big Ideas Math: What to expect? Curriculum Each lesson will include...
A day for activities
A day for the lesson
Hands on activities
Structured mobility and of course test, quizzes, homework and all that good stuff :) In order to avoid confusion, frustration, and to save time (mine and yours) we are going to fill out a "Buddy Info" sheet. Buddy Info Choose two "buddies" who sit near you and swap info. You want to get their name, phone number, and email address if applicable.

Use the "Ask 3 before me" rule: if you are absent, have a question about class notes or homework, be responsible and ask one of your buddies before asking me. If after asking 3 people and you still are not satisfied with the answer then you can ask me.

For example: forgetting the bathroom procedures - ask at least 3 people the bathroom procedures before interrupting the entire class to ask me. "Ask 3 before me"
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