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nathan Rossi

on 26 August 2015

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Denim Geek is a store that sells denim jeans and clothes.
This is a good business card because it has all the details you need phone number and email. It is also a very eye catching card and the name sticks in someones head.
Cardistry's business card is a name for a magic group that includes two guys called Lucas Itrawan and Ash Hodgekinson.
This card is effective because it resembles a normal playing card, but has the faces of the two boys instead.
Business cards are used to advertise businesses and companies. Clever marketing ideas persuade people to use that company. If the business card has a good aesthetic appearance, then the business will stick in a persons mind. If the card is dull and uninteresting, the person will not remember it.

The perfect card has to be colourful, interactive, eye catching and informative. It also need to be related to the topic and not taken too far. A bad example of this might be an accountant that had a penny shooter as a business card.

BC adventure survival training is a place where you train for as much time as you want when ever you want.
The edible business card suggests that the company will help you survive in the wild. An edible card is much more interesting than a piece of paper and people will show it to others, thus increasing the company's popularity.
Broke bike alley is a shop that mends and fixes broken and rigged bikes. The company also sells them.

The business card is made of metal and has holes and grooves in it that allows people to use it as a spanner or screw driver, and to fix their bikes with it. This suggests that making a useful card will make people think the the shop is useful itself, and end up going there.
Norris Mantooth is a event photographer who will photograph weddings and functions.

His card suits his profession as it is a camera screen view of the object/s in front of you. Having all the features of a high quality camera, plus a few more, the card lead people to think Norris is a very professional photographer.
Tam Cargo is a cargo company that imports cargo to different parts.

The business card does not look that appealing and cool at first, but if you fold it, the card turns into a mini cardboard box. The box reminds the customer that the company is a cargo importer.
This plumbing company's business card is not a card at all, but a mini toilet plunger. The plunger is a fun thing to play with and sticks in people heads. This is a very clever advertisement. It also reminds people that it is advertising a plumbing company.
People working at lego don't have business card, but mini lego figures, that resembles them! people can use them when they are playing with lego and will see their name every time they see the figure.
The Bombay Bakery has a business card with a difference. Their business card is a biscuit!
The biscuit emphasizes the fact that they are bakers, and it entices people to buy more of their products, along with giving
customers their personal information.
Dr Pramod's business balloon can only be read when it is blown up, meaning that if people want to find out more about it, you have to blow it up!

Lush is a lawn company and has business card that look just like a normal business card, But it's not. The card actually holds grass seeds and is a reminder that lush is lawn company. Also people will tell other people that lush has a seed packet card and they will obtain the card for themselves.
Powell Peralta is a skate board shop. Their business card is designed to be a skateboard grip and suits the company well.
It is a trendy way for a skateboard shop to give out business cards, which are normally so serious and formal.
This barber's business card is one of a kind and should be more famous. By far, it is the most interesting business card in this presentation because it is a moving pair of scissors. When you pull the flap, drawn on scissors start to move!.
Poul is a personal trainer who helps people to get fit. His business card helps people to get fit as well, as you have to stretch it to read it. The card tells you that Poul will teach you in an effective, yet fun way. It is also a fun thing to play with.
Bon Vivant is a Brazilian based cheese company that has a peculiar business card. It is a cheese grater! Because they didn't want their information on a slice of cheese, they came up with this attractive and useful business card.
Flow is a yoga company that has a mini yoga mat as a business card. The mat reminds customers that it is a yoga center and is much more appealing than a normal card. Also, it can be used as a yoga mat for your action figures.
Mylene Poisson is a wine sommalier. The card has real red wine stained on it the red wine that they sell. The way they put the wine on is with a stamp with red wine around and stamp it on the cards. This card is effective because people say who puts wine on their business card so it will never get out of someones head.
F and A is a business that supplies frames and accesories for picture and photos. The business card is a small paper frame. You can even put your picture in it. The frame card is related to the business because it is a frame shop. It is also a very eye catching card.
This card looks like a normal card, and it is, but if you hold it up to the computer, It changes from a normal card, to an augmented reality marvel. The card is useful for leading customers to your online content.
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