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Gentrification & its Effects on Long Island City

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Jonathan Medina

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Gentrification & its Effects on Long Island City

Roots Citylights Co-op Effects of Gentrification Methods of Gentrification Discussion "Early Gentrifiers" ‘Gentrification today is quite different to gentrification in the late 20th century. What is Gentrification? Long Island City began the inevitable march to Gentrification in 1997 with the construction of the Citylight Co-op.
Some inexpensive units were set aside but a majority of them were high luxury rentals.
The first intense effort of the government through manifest by QWDC facilitated the Gentrification Process throughout LIC. Gentrification & its Effects on Long Island City Does anyone live or spend time in Long Island City? If so what is your favorite part about it? Jonathan Medina Long Island City, Queens Is the restoration of a dilapidated urban area by a massive influx of Upper-class people, often resulting in the displacement of Working-class residents. Future Projects for L.I.C Queens West, Hunter's Point, LIC, Queensbridge, Dutch Kills What do you see as pros and cons of gentrification? Cultural Identities: Art, Parks, Museums, Commercialized living spaces, and Creative Atmosphere. LIC ORGANIZATIONS LIC Partnership Positive:

Economic development and prosperity

Renovated parks and buildings

More amenities

Increase in job opportunities

Improved standard of life

Increase funding for school and education

Higher "sense" of security Negatives:

"Are the benefits of economic growth
shared equally by new and old residents alike?"

Social Out-casting

Increased Crime Rate The demolition of 5 pointz. Questions Ideologies Used Today What are your perceptions of community and gentrification? 5 Pointz LIC has been known for affordable destinations for artists. One great indicator of how the neighborhood is changing: graffiti mecca 5 Pointz, which houses a number of artists studio's, is being torn down this year to make way for more high-rise rental buildings. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xsvod0_5-pointz-graffiti-mecca_news#.UaJl3II1d0s Aims to promote economic development.
"The goal is to attract new businesses to LIC, retain those already here, welcome new residents and visitors, and promote a vibrant and authentic community." The LIC Partnership is the marketing arm of the Long Island City Business Improvement District and the Long Island City Business Development Corporation.
Major Organizations already in LIC: Citigroup, Fresh Direct, JetBlue Airways,Kaufman Astoria Studios,MetLife, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene,RCN Corporation,Silvercup Studios, Steve Madden, and United Nations Federal Credit Union Hundreds of squatters arrived in the 90's. Urban Pioneers Lower Quality of Life Loss of Cultural Value within the neighborhood Displacement Expensive housing Frontier Ideology: Occupy a vacant space Pioneer Ideology: Fast and new development Salvation Ideology: "Save" residents from a "bad neighborhood LIC COMMUNITY TODAY Hunters Point South Development Farmers Market Returns to LIC Future LIC School
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