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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

No description

Liz Larsen

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Humans in Narnia
Prince Caspian's Life
Animals in Narnia
Before Prince Caspian
The Old Narnia
Narnia of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
Ruled by the Pevensie children and Aslan
Filled with magic and creatures
The Invasion
The Telmarines came to Narnia led by King Caspian I and conquered
They banished all Narnian creatures
The Telmarine Narnia
His Childhood
Father was murdered by Miraz, mother dies
Taken in by uncle and aunt
Was told of Old Narnia by nurse
Nurse was removed because of storytelling
Dr. Cornelius
Tutors Caspian, tells him of Old Narnia
Gives Caspian Susan's horn as he escapes
Caspian escapes at age 13 to the mountains
Eventually meet up and joins War Council
Escape to the Mountains
Meets dwarves and badger
Convinces them he is rightful heir to the throne of Narnia, bringing back Old Narnia to the land
Leads army of Narnian creatures
Blows horn to summon help, Children and Aslan
Prince Caspian
Son of King Caspian IX
Nephew of Miraz, King of Narnia
Rightful Telmarine King
Becomes King of Narnia
King Miraz
Current King of Narnia
Evil Ruler of All
Murderer of King Caspian
Husband of Prunaprismia, mother of the heir to the throne
Prince Caspian's caretaker
Tells Caspian the stories of Old Narnia
Is removed by Miraz
Dr. Cornelius
Half Dwarf, Half Human
Tutors Prince Caspian
He help Prince Caspian escape
Supports Caspian in the fight againgst Miraz
Human who conquered Narnia after the children left
Came from the land of Telmar
Pevensie Children
Peter, Edmond, Susan, and Lucy
Transported to Narnia after a year and half England time
Nikabrik: Wants to use Black Magic to bring back the White Witch
Trumpkin: Tells Children of Caspian and why they are in Narnia
Trufflehunter: Seeks out the Children, supports Caspian in the fight against Miraz, belives in Aslan and Old Narnia
Aslan, The Lion
Three Bears, in Prince Caspian's army
Squirrels, part of Caspian's Army, have manners
"The taxes were high and the laws were stern and Miraz was a cruel man"
Back to Narnia
Because the horn was blown, the children are summoned back to Narnia
They find their old castle, Cair Paravel in ruins, where they find their old gifts and treasures
Meeting Trumpkin
They rescue him from the Telmarines
He tells them of Prince Caspian and the time that has passed
Joins them with Prince Caspian
Reuniting with Aslan
First seen by Lucy, but the others cannot see Aslan
Eventually the others follow Lucy to Aslan
Aslan sends boys to his How to meet Caspian and girls see the wood come alive with Aslan
The Children's Journey
At the How
The boys overhear Nikabrik trying to convince the council to bring back the White Witch to defeat Miraz
Peter challenges Miraz to a duel.
Miraz accepts the challenge because of his pride.
After the duel, a battle ensues because of Glozelle and Sopespian
Glozelle ends up stabbing Miraz in the back, irony
The Narnians win with a Telmarine surrender
Caspian is crowned King of Narnia by Aslan
The Children return back to Earth through a door in the air
By Paty Lopez and Liz Larsen
The Children are summoned to Narnia because help is needed to defeat Miraz, the evil King, and restore Caspian as the rightful King of Narnia. With the help of some friendly creatures, balance is restored to the world.
Themes and Symbols
Good vs. Evil
Faith & Believing
"the restoration of the true religion after a corruption" - Lewis
Cair Paravel
The Horn
Music in Narnia
The Score of Prince Caspian
The Armies Assemble
The Kings and Queens of Old
Battle at Aslan's How
The Door in the Air
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