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China Develops A New Economy

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on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of China Develops A New Economy

Reasons for Growth
Improving Travel by Water
Characteristics of Cities
17.3 - The Growth of Trade and Commerce
17.4 - Urbanization
18.2 - Exploration and Travel
-The Chinese built the first compass with lodestone
-They also invented watertight compartments to prevent a ship from sinking
-Another invention was the canal lock which could be used to raise the water level to 100 ft. above sea level
-The segmental arched bridge was a new type of bridge that was stronger and used less material
Core 1
Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Kavi Wick
Reasons for Change
17.2 - Changes in Agriculture
Paper, Printing, Porcelain, and Steel
18.3 - Industry
1. Increases in Rice Production
-forced southern migration from Mongol attacks
-climate changes from dry to wet
-crop changes from wheat to rice
-new type of rice with a shorter maturity period
-shorter growing seasons led to more food

2. Improved Farming Techniques and Tools
- harrow was used to break up ground
-various new irrigation methods(chain pump)
-fertilizer and terrace farming helped to make use of hillsides
-some other crops were cotton and tea

The shift to growing rice led to an abundance of food and a larger population.
- The Chinese kept the secret of making paper to themselves for 500 years
- Paper made printing possible
-Woodblock printing later changed to movable type
-Porcelain was a type of beautiful pottery made of the rocks quartz and feldspar
-The Chinese made steel before 200 B.C. by combining various forms of iron under high heat
China Develops A New Economy
Chinese Discoveries and Inventions

1. Demand for Luxuries
-traders and artisans were encouraged to provide/sell luxury items (silk, charcoal, wine)

2. Improvements in Transportation
-made it easier to transport goods
-networks of waterways, barges(boat type)

3.Development of Currency
-made it easier to buy/sell goods
- paper money was easy to carry around
Reasons for Urbanization
-People went to cities to try to make a living as a merchant, trader, or shopkeeper
-Landowners enjoyed the shops and social life in the city
- Chinese cities were crowded and exciting
-The great traveler Marco Polo was intrigued by the size of cities such as Hangzhou
-The cities had entertainment areas outdoors
-Some had theaters, teahouses, and restaurants
-The growth of cities provided more jobs to residents by public works projects
-Urbanization started to build culture as well by providing artists with an eager, wealthy audience
The Invention of Gunpowder
18.4 - Military Technology
Playing Cards, Paper Money, and Clocks
18.5 - Everyday Objects
-The Chinese invented playing cards in the ninth century
-They used woodblock printing to make the symbols
-The Chinese also invented paper money to replace coins
-They developed a mechanical clock that was more accurate than sundials and hourglasses
Fighting Infectious Diseases
18.6 - Disease Prevention
-The Chinese fought diseases by burning a chemical that released poisonous smoke
- A Chinese monk later came up with the idea of steaming the clothes of sick people to prevent the spread of disease
-They even came up with the concept of a vaccine for smallpox
-The Chinese alchemists were the first to create gunpowder
-Weapons that used gunpowder were the flamethrower, grenades, large bombs, etc.
-The Chinese also developed rocket technology which was first used in fireworks and later in weaponry
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