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KXB 202: Project Pitch

No description

on 20 August 2015

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Transcript of KXB 202: Project Pitch

Project Objectives
Project Boundaries
Weekend Wanderers
Bringing you innovative ideas and entertainment
Bollywood Blast
1st - Basic Objective
Crowd Figure -

A crowd of at least 20 to 30 people to watch the performance till the end from 11am - 12pm
2nd - Cultural Effect
Audience Interest in Bollywood or Indian Culture after performance -

At least 2 - 3 people to approach the performers or team members regarding the Bollywood performance, Bollywood genre, Indian Culture
Target Audience
Market Goers -

Students aged 17 to 25 years old
Predominantly Female
Reside at QUT Kelvin Grove
Or commute to the markets.

Families with young children.

Final Words
In Scope
Out of Scope
1. Social Media Advertising
3. Managing QDance Society Bollywood Team
2. QDance Society as a permanent performer
Project Objectives
3rd - Economy Effect
Attract potential investors -

1 to 2 investors to approach QUT Dance to invite them to perform for other events
4th - Greater Participant
QUT Students interested in joining the QUT Dance Society -

To have at least 3 students expressing their interest and acquiring more information regarding QUT Dance Society
5th -Excellent Teamwork and Collaboration
Team Members of Weekend Wanderers to utilise each other's strength to facilitate the project -

to utilise her
networking and communication skills
to contact the performance team and liaise with them.
to utilise her
managerial and operational skills
to manage the team and facilitate the entire project
to utilise his
organisational skills
to conclude and organise the ideas the team comes up with to improve the entire project
to utilise her
creativity and innovation skills
to contribute ideas that add value to the project

Paige Wanckel
(Project Manager)
Syafiqah Iqbal
(Deputy Project Manager)
Rong Tang
Jiaan Koch
1. QUT Bollywood Ball 2015
2. QUT Classic Fun Run 2015
3. QUT Dance Showcase 2015
4. QUT Dragon Boat Regatta 2015
5. Upcoming: QUT East West Festival 2015
Project Deliverables
“The success or failure of a project is determined by the objectives it achieved and whether it met or exceeded stakeholder expectations”
Mackay (2015).
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Key needs/wants/expectations:

attract people to the campus
encourage business for stalls and cafes occupying area
provide a safe and entertaining market venue
QUT Dance Society
Key needs/wants/expectations:

early communication of dates and details
an outline of requirements
sufficient physical space
raise awareness and increase publicity of the society to encourage new members to join the dance team
Kelvin Grove's Markets/ Peter Hackworth
Key needs/wants/expectations:

audience and crowd attraction
encourage increased crowd leading to an increase in revenue as well as repeat visitation
Market Audience
Key needs/wants/expectations:

light entertainment
interactive audience experience
encourage intrigue and admiration for the indian culture
cultural diversity and appreciation
Dance Masala Bollywood Dance Company
Devs Costumes
acknowledge the choreographers
increase interest and awareness towards stakeholder
acknowledge costume designs
increase interest and awareness towards stakeholder
Music and sound equipment
Safe and suitable performance space
a 5 minute physical dance performance by QUT Dance Society
a 10 minute tutorial on Bollywood dance
exposure of the QUT Dance Society
“Any unique and verifiable product, result, or capability to perform a service that is required to be produced to complete a process, phase, or project.” (PMBOK, 2013)

1. Securing timeslot for performance

2. Ensuring safety of performance space

3. Contacting and arranging for dancers to arrive and perform at the event

4. Ensuring music is functional

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Viny Culture. (2014). Bollywood Dance. Retrieved from http://www.vinyculture.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Bollywood-dance.png

to add to the creativity and culture of the Kelvin Grove markets.
bring sound, colour and movement to the markets.
performance will grab their attention and add another layer to the already vibrant markets.
performance is local and self-made, and would therefore fit straight into the creative and local markets that are the Kelvin Grove markets.

We believe that this project will deliver great opportunities for both the Kelvin Grove Village Markets and QUT Dance society.Our aim is to add to the already vibrant culture at the Kelvin Grove Village Markets and enhance the publicity of the QUT Dance society.
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